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10 Per Cent Reservation For General Category

The 2019 AD proved to be a big auspicious year for hitherto the most advanced community of the society. The GoI forged an Act providing 10% reservation for Economically Weaker Section(EWS) from General Category in education and public services. While this is cheerful news for some; for some is a disappointing.

The philosophy for providing reservation envisions bringing up the social and economic status of communities who are backward due to history and can't scale up at their own efforts. Thus, the GoI divides its citizens into General(EWS), OBC, SC and ST to fulfil the philosophy and uplift them to equality. Before we examine, let us see the status in vogue.

A peep into Yesterday and Today :

The OBC, SC and ST categories occupy only 24.5% share in central govt jobs though they constitute 69% of population, on the contrary, general community shares only 31% of population and enjoys 75.5% share in public services. The same is true to their shares in education and immovable properties. However, Rome was not built in a day; and all the glittering things are not gold today.

Since independence the actual highness of the hitherto forward community has metamorphosed into superfluous highness. Fragmentations of property inter se have led them to the level of OBC and in case of some even to the utter penury. Their high percentage in govt jobs is due to their historical privileges not the present one. No doubt, they wield tremendous powers in society today though always not true. Their counterparts in the reserved categories have scaled up though it is also not in every case.

After adoption of the Constitution, we have entered into a tryst for creating new future of equality, justice and fraternity. However, the constitution also enshrines the positive discrimination among the people who are backward. In follow up, the govts provide reservations to them on the basis of various recommendations.

Let's race to the world:

The USA, economically most advanced and socially cultured, also gives reservation to his tribal citizens. Same are the cases with Canada, China and Japan etc. Though the culture, economy vary country to country; there exist a similarity among all that there are some groups who, if not externally supported, would eventually see their dooms. The same applies to India as well.

Thus, SCs and STs have been enjoying for 75 year, OBC for 25 years to develop themselves in the era of freedom to choice. Therefore, a strong case now also exists to give same protection to the EWS. Several stirs demanding reservations convey that the same intensity of deprivations is being felt in different parts of the country altogether. However, the meaning of reservation still appears not bearing fruits seeing the vacant seats of reserved categories to-date and if not addressed the meaning of extension to the benefit of EWS would also bring the same consequences thus utter failure.

All rivers flow upstream:

Several judgements and voices are against this extension as it infringes the equality. However, the Equality is an ideal which everybody strives to achieve but society is too complex and answers are not straight. Therefore, there should be rationality instead of equality. Still, there are some dimensions exist which need to be peeped into.

  1. Govt servants wield high prestige and powers in society. People think their lives secure in the hands of govt.
  2. There are several places besides govt jobs to show talent.

Apart, some group think that the extension to EWS will get them acquire social justice. On the other, some feel that extension is not justified as SC, ST and OBC still lag behind. Another group are also there who advocates total elimination of reservation policies as it divides society on caste line and also against the meritocracy.

However, removal of reservation is not the solution. In a democracy every community has its say. No one can be doomed to be ruled by the representatives of others. The extension has certainly brought inclusivity in policy. It is not the reservations but the lack of creation of jobs in India is to be blamed.

Brother in Arms now: SC, ST, OBC and EWS:

The extension of the reservation though justified also brings to all to cultivate a sense of brotherhood towards SC, ST and OBC. They are not born to be judged by their score cards; it is the collective faults of our forefathers.

Managing conflicts and Building Harmony: its Conclusion

Reservation is a help and is meant to end not to increase with time hence perpetuating this is not worth significance. However, due to fast economic development some of our fellow citizens will always be in need of extra support for which all the communities must be proactive in future.

- Manish Kumar

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