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2G Scam

First CWG, then 2G scam and now one called S band scam threatens to be even bigger than first two. What is your take on corruption and what kind of steps should be taken to ensure transparent and clean governance?

Corruption is a major problem facing all the countries across the globe in general and India in particular. Corruption is sure to mar the future of any country, developed or developing and sucks the blood of even the law abiding citizens. It's important to know that corruption is a part of development. No country can altogether do away with corruption. It exists in different forms in different countries.

Can we say that China, an emerging superpower or U.S.A, a leading superpower is corruption free? No while public drinking water is corrupted in China, other manifestations of corruption prevail in U.S too. But do we hear about the corruption in China as frequently as that in India? No. It is not because of the magnitude of corruption but because of the fact that there is censorship in China whereas in India, there is no such ban on the media as a result of which they convert a mole hill into a mountain. It is only when we do some research about the countries that we find out about the corruption there while the corruption in India is projected by the media throughout the world.

It is high time that India should take adequate steps to prevent corruption lest the future of our country should be in danger. The greed to come to power makes politicians corrupt as they use illegal ways to build their vote banks. Corruption does indicate or signify our demise it is our passport to the future because by preventing corruption, India can attain great heights. So….now is the time to start our battle, a battle against corruption. Corruption can be substantially reduced by creating awareness amongst people. India is a democratic country where people have the right to speech. Citizens of India should be encouraged to raise their voice against the corrupt politicians. A strong judiciary is indispensible for a corruption free country. Judiciary should be independent and free of any external influence. It should be capable of taking strong action against the corrupt politicians. While severe punishment is given to a poor village officer when he takes a bribe of Rs10, politicians who cheat the public and earn crores are many a time let free by the court of law. They should be given rigorous imprisonment as instead of representing the public they are exploiting the poor people who have put them in power with a lot of hope and desire.

Another way to stop corruption is to avoid the coalition form of governance. A single party must be allowed to rule the country independently without seeking the support of innumerous minor parties. In the notorious 2G spectrum case, the accused, A. Raja is a representative of DMK which is supporting the congress. In such a situation, an able and efficient prime minister like Manmohan Singh could not take action but had to inadvertently support him as otherwise they would have withdrawn their support and thus follows an utter rout for the congress.

All the citizens of India should come together and strongly fight against corruption. Now it is only we, who can stop such injustice. We can play our little part by creating awareness amongst the people and thus paving the way for a new INDIA…… JAI HIND.


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