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Advantages of School Uniforms

"I recall George Carlin, comedian and scathing social commentator, voicing his disapproval of school uniforms. Isn't it enough they want us to think alike, he said, now they want us to look alike too? Or something to that tune. Anyway, I thought he had a valid point. I still think he does.

Many parents have expressed concerns about school uniforms taking away student's freedom of expression and encroaching on their personal rights, about having religious dress codes foisted on their non-religious or different-religion children, about not having their religious dress codes followed or respected enough, about trying to get their children to make a political or moral statement, about the expenses involved in purchasing the required uniform and accessories.

On the other hand, though, there are some definite advantages of wearing school uniforms as well.

Let's take a took at some of the advantages of school uniforms –

  1. A school uniform makes it easier for the school authorities to recognize students belonging to their school. It also makes it somewhat tougher for those that don't belong.
  2. A school uniform also saves the school administrators from having to police what the students wear. There are no daily battles regarding what's appropriate or not for school.
  3. A school uniform apparently also saves students from putting their fashion tastes before their learning requirements. When they don't have to spend time wondering what to wear and how to make a fashion statement, they can devote more time to getting an education. Theoretically, that is.
  4. Wearing the same type of dress reduces social snobbery and peer pressure in educational institutions. It is also supposed to reduce incidents of bullying and theft. How do you pick on someone for wearing the same dress as yourself? Why would you steal a pair of shoes you both have and can afford? I suppose there are ways and there are reasons, but fewer.
  5. School uniforms cramp the style of gang members. They have to recognize each other by names and faces instead of by flaunting aggressively painted jackets, T-shirts with obscene messages, clunky jewelry, and things like that. Instead of 'my gang' and 'your gang', they also have to think in terms of 'our school'. It's a hard life. On the brighter side, it helps them to live another day and go on to survive in college.
  6. A school uniform can instill a sense of discipline and community feeling. This naturally reduces incidents of violence. Students can come to school without worrying about personal safety. Teachers don't have to double as guards, and can concentrate on teaching.
  7. Kids don't have to impress their friends by wearing name brand clothes.
  8. Kids will not get made fun of it their family cannot afford name brand clothes which also decreases violence in the schools.
  9. Wearing a uniform gets the kids ready for the job market, because at a job they might have to wear a uniform or dress up and this gets them accustomed to this. Also, they see their parents dress clothes for work and may take learning more seriously.
  10. Parents don't have to spend a whole bunch of money for new clothes before each school year.
  11. Kids are better able to focus more on learning than what their friends or they themselves are wearing.
  12. They have to get used to following a rule.
  13. It is a known fact that students who wear uniforms perform better academically.
  14. Promotes good discipline.
  15. Saves time in the morning because the kid already knows what they are wearing.
  16. It shows school spirit.

Once There was a Question Raised in the one of the Most Developed country. Will it be possible getting students to wear school uniforms end the growing incidents of violence in US schools?

Well, that was the whole idea when Then President Bill Clinton decided to implement school uniforms in all U.S. public schools in the 1990s. In the hope of easing social tensions, many local communities and states in the USA adopted school uniform policies in their educational institutions. The states of New York, California, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Utah, and Maryland all introduced school uniform regulations.

But, while there have certainly been some benefits of school uniforms, the whole thing is about as effective as putting a band-aid over a gangrenous wound and hoping that will cure the malady. When you have to have police authorities and metal detection machines in schools, it is a social problem that has advanced well beyond what anyone is dressing in. The violence cannot be resolved until the social issues are addressed. There is only so much school administrators and educators can do. What kind of a home life do the students have? What are the parents doing? How involved are they in their children's lives? What kind of an example are they setting to their children? You're less likely to rear law-abiding, respectable citizens if you personally tend to be annually incarcerated for frauds, violations, and violent crimes.

It is a curious thing that we need be well-qualified for top jobs, but not for parenting. The most inept, incapable people can be parents. Maybe we should forget about uniform dressing and look into uniform responsible parenting.

But there are Disadvantages too of school uniforms:

  1. Kids can't show their individuality or self expression which may lead them to try other ways to show their individuality, like too much make-up or jewelry.
  2. It may be harder to recognize where a certain kid is located in a crowd because they are all dressed the same.
  3. They have to wear the same colors everyday and this may bore them.
  4. The uniforms have no value once they are out of the school.
  5. Some children may be uncomfortable wearing uniforms which may affect their learning.
So at the end to teach Students the sense of Respect, Punctuality, Discipline, Knowledge, Simplicity, Dignity, Self Confidence and all the Values Need of Uniform is must.

Navin Shetty

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