An increasing number of youth are burdened with stress. How should we help them hope?

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Youth are a major part of our society. They are the foundation pillar of a nation. The future of a nation lies in the hands of the youth. Thus it is often said that youth can either make or break a nation. Therefore it becomes very important for a country to provide good and fair opportunities and guidance to the youth and show them the right path to succeed in life.


With the change in time, the youth have become more responsible and mature. The youth today carry a large number of responsibilities on their shoulders which have made their lives complicated and stressful. In order to earn more, keep up with the new technological advancements, and to fulfil all their desires at the earliest, the youth end up in a stressful situation. The main reason for stress could be either unfulfilled desire or the struggle at their workplace or an obligation to make a balance between personal and professional life or anything else. Due to this stressful situation in life many youngsters face anxiety or depression which is deteriorating there physical as well as mental health. This is so because they fail to cope up with the stress. So it becomes very important to remove stress from there lives and one such factor which can help in this situation is hope.


Hope can play a significant role in reducing or eliminating stress from someone's life. Hope is a faith that encourages you to stay positive and accomplish your goals with your hardwork and dedication. Most of the people fail to achieve their goals because they lose hope at a very early stage. One should understand the importance of hope. Everything in this world is based on hope. For instance, a student studies well and appears in the examination with a hope that he/she will pass with good marks, a mechanic repairs a machine with a hope that the machine will start working again with the same efficiency, an employee works the whole month with a hope that he/she will get their salary and appreciation for their work. In all the above examples everyone works with a hope. If they lose hope, then they might stop working or they may lose interest in their work which may deteriorate the quality of work and lead to improper, incomplete or low quality, low standard work. Hence we can see that hope plays a major role in a person’s life. If we lose hope in our lives, we may end up in a stressful and complicated situation.


Today’s youth are burdened with stress. So in order to overcome their stress, they should stop worrying about their problem and try to hope for the best. Youth should be motivated to hope for the best and do not lose hope at any point of time. They should understand the fact hope is the key factor that determines a person’s success or failure. For instance, a person plants a tree with a hope that one day the tree will grow up and blossom with flowers and fruits and also provide shelter to the birds, a bird gives egg with a hope that one day the egg will hatch and a young one will come from the egg. Similarly there are thousands of examples which shows that the whole world is based on hope. It is this hope on the basis of which people live their life and enjoy their present with a hope of a happy and successful future. Thus the youth should understand and accept the fact that no success comes without a failure and nothing can be achieved without a hope.                                                                                         

-Meeta Kumari

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