An increasing number of youth are burdened with stress. How should we help them hope?

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Youths are the future of our country. The responsibility of our country is on the shoulder of our youths. The youths should work hard and should be responsible because they only have to work in future. It is necessary that youths of our country should get proper education facilities, more and more. To be sucessful, a youth should trust your parents, be humble, do not be a follower, establish a set of values. Simply, we can say that if we want exquisite development in our nation, the movement should be shown by youths only.

But for development of our nation, it is necessary that youths of our are free from stress. Because if youths only will be in stress, then how development will occur? then how our nation will grow? So it is necessary that youths should be stressfree.

Stress can be very harmful. Not for youths only, but for everyone. Stress effects on brain. If we takes a lot of stress, then it can harm our brain and can cause fever. To avoid stress, youths should follow following steps.

1. Youths should not take a lot of load together.

2. They should not do a lot of subjects work or office work together.

3. They should not think so much like - oh I have to do this also, this also, and more.

4. They should not study whole day. It can be harmful.

5. They should make a timetable to do their work, they should not work continous.

6. Don't do so many works without any break.

7. They should do physical activities so they can refresh their mind and can forgot stress.

8. They should engage themselves in some other activities also to be stressfree.

9. They should be calm and not to worry or to do panic about the works or studies.

So, these were the steps for youths to be stressfree. It is important for youths to have a free mind to think about our nation's development. Youth of today should not waste their time in thinking of stress and all. Stress is very common in today's people as load of studies, load of work, and more. Some steps can be taken by government also to make people stressfree. Hence, this was my explanation about youth's stress.

-Jyotsana Soni

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