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Stress can be general to severe like stress about an upcoming exam, or more severe like losing a close family member or financial stress. Our social environment shapes us and also provides a platform for our physical and mental growth, which also means that our social environement makes us who we are as individuals. India has the world's largest youth  population with around 356 million making us home to a fifth of the world's youth.

India's youth is its most valuable asset and a huge challenge to lead, such a young population can be quite difficult to provide for given the limited resources we have in our country. Talking about stress among young people we need to talk about all the possible factors leading to it, unrealistic aspirations and tall desires frame our ideas of existence. We thrive on money, owning luxury and having a social status that we often ignore the basic necessities of life being happy, having a good supoort system, family time and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Stress has overtaken a huge space in our lives making us more vulnerable and prone to depression, anxiety and sadness.

"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear", this line sums up the important and vital role of hope in our lives and how every person must hold hope when there is darkness and fear arousing. But it isnt easy to have hope when everything is falling apart in one's life and dealing with failures gets impossible because of the growing social pressure to outperform.

Our social environement needs to prepare us for growing stress by making us learn about the importance of failure because only when we fail we gather the courage to succeed. Failure is viewed as an end to a person's dreams and fruitful life ahead but we hardly talk about how much a failure can teach us about the journey to success.

We need to normalise mediocrity not everyone is meant to be extraordinary or have unrealistic dreams, teach kids to do what they enjoy doing, having a hobby to reduce burden, taking things as they come, one thing at a time and having patience and confidence to sustain the difficult tides of life. Talking about problems to drive solutions should be the goal as a society and not stigmatising mental health, so that each person can come forward to talk and each person can learn from each other's experiences. Make room for empathy, love,support so that hope follows into our lives and we can live not for ourselves but for each other. The idea is to create an environement that can help everyone suffering from any kind of mental disorder to come forward, talk and solve approach and replacing fear with hope.

Be the change you want to see in the world, bring individual change to help bring a massive change in the world.

-Roohi Jain

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