An increasing number of youths are burdened with stress. How should we help them hope?

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Youths are the backbone of the society. Hence, the outlook of these youths has a lot to do with the overall upliftment of the society. It can be rightly said that, if we want to achieve prosperity in a nation, then the pathway to this prosperity must be shown by the youth of that country. They are the cornerstone of development in any country due to their young age and their zeal of life. Thus, if we want all-round development in a country then, this process of all-round development must be heralded by the youth of that particular country.

                   At the same time, it is necessary that the youth of a country are free from stress so that, they have a free mind to innovate and ponder about a country’s development. But, at the present times, a contrary scene is seen in today’s society. Youths of today are burnt down by stress. Stress related depression and especially anxiety disorders are quite common among the youths of today. Therefore, in most of the cases the majority of the youths of today’s society are stress ridden. Therefore, instead of being a harbinger of the development process of a country, their life due to stress related factors have become dull and thud for them. Such a situation is not at all conducive for a country’s development.

                   In this regard, it is worthwhile pointing out for these youths who are in stress that, there is certainly light at the end of the dark tunnel. The youths of today should be able to shed off their stress and rather begin their life with a new ray of hope. In this behalf the following points are worth pondering for the youths of today: - 

Firstly, youths should remember that everything in their life may fade but certainly not hope. Everything may decay for a moment in their life but their patience should never fade in their life. Youth age should thus be another name of being flag barrier of patience in life. When patience and hope intertwin in life it certainly results in success in life. Therefore, the guiding mantra for the youths of today who are in stress is to never lose patience in their life.

Secondly, couple with patience comes the exact balance of maintaining the exact equilibrium between the expectations in life and at the same time the avenues of achieving them. Expectations in life should be marked by having the sufficient avenues in achieving the same. Youths in this regard should remember that, it is more important in life to be contended then to be rich. Contentment in life is more worthy then pomp and gaiety in one’s life. So does, the satisfaction of achieving something and thereby not being belied by hope therein lies the cornerstone of a contended life.

Thirdly, lies the fact that youth is full of zeal and vigour. At the same time, youths should be able to draw the Lakshman-rekha between their hopes, expectations and their desires visa-vis certainly their capabilities and their abilities and most importantly their intellect and mental strength. It is important in this regard to be less adventurous than, they themselves doing their self-introspection about how much they can achieve. The dividing line in this regard should not be between expectations and results rather, it should be between expectations and their abilities and capabilities to achieve the same.

Fourthly, youths of today are more materialistic then ever before. Thus, consumerism among the youths of today is at its peak. In order to lead a happy life of hopes and desires it is important for the youths of today to have a balancing equation between their propensity to spend visa-vis their ability to earn. If this equilibrium is maintained then chaos will never set in his/her life. Thus, youths of today in this bandwagon of consumerism must be rational enough in merging themselves with the consumerist world.

Last but not the least, youths of today are more align towards technology. This has made them to a large extent atheist. Specially, in the context of our country India, youths religious mind has been taken over to a large extent by the dot com phenomenon or in other words by the world of information technology. At the same time, I firmly believe where hope fades or turns into nullity the youths in such a scenario must realise or believe in the power of the almighty or that, someone who is divine. This is important for the youths of especially our country, India which is a religious and spiritual land.


 All in all, the youths of today who are in a stressful situation in life must not give up hope in their life. Everything could fade in their life but, hope never should. Hope for today’s youth should be like a burning flame which, never fades rather its warmth enlightens the youth of today with hope and hope only. In this process, the youth should be calm and patient enough rather then, being impatient and being hasty in their life. They should remember that, since the inception of the human civilization it is hope and desire to yearn for something innovative which, has brought our civilization to its present level of existence.


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