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cash for vote scam

With the onset of political stability and the introduction of universal adult suffrage ,the votes had been the greatest liability offered to people of the country to choose their own government. But amidst the growing greed of power ,the authenticity of casting of votes within the country and within the parliament had ben a far cry.The cash for vote scam is one such type of scam ,gained notion now-days ,revealing the bitter secrets of the chosen one's within the parliament.

The elected members of the parliament played a key role in bringing out new reforms and bills that would help the nation and the people of the nation to progress and develop.But seeing the todays world scenario ,where money and politics go hand-in-hand,this power of the members has opened a door for outside gratifications for his valuable vote in favor of a particular party.The cash for vote scam reveals the involvement of member of parliament in changing their votes on the US-India Nuclear deal, thereby bringing in the ambiguity over its authenticity.

The involvement of senior samajwadi party leader Amar Singh and MP's of Bhartiya Janta Party shows that the fixture on the deal had been on a very high level than thought. The US-India Nuclear deal is one of the important deal between India and US paving way for future development,thus an unbiased voting would have brought in a clear state of response. But the scam brought in an enigma among the members thus making the worst out of the deal,out of which the most can be make out.

The cash for vote scam also put forward the weakened disciplinary acts against the tormenters of democracy and showcases the line of breakage of trust among the members of the same party leading towards a huge political upheaval ,showing clear signs of anarchy onset in the country.As the parties are facing a growing distrust from people,bringing in the need for a stable and fare government.A raging behavior has started to grow up among the people of the country giving a clear sign of cutting off such types of scams.


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