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Cauvery dispute and its solutions


The Kaveri is a large Indian river. The origin of the river is at Talakaveri, Kodagu in Karnataka, flows generally south and east through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and across the southern Deccan through the southeastern lowlands, emptying into the Bay of Bengal through two principal mouths in Poompuhar, Tamilnadu.

Cauvery Issue: The Cauvery river water dispute, primarily between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, dates back to the 19th century. Many treaties and negotiations have been held to reach to a conclusion in this matter, but none of them have proven to be sustainable enough. The Cauvery River Dispute has been a serious issue since 1974 when a 50 year old agreement between the Madras president and the princely Mysore state collapsed. Karnataka asserts that the 1924 agreement entailed a discontinuation of the water supply to Tamil Nadu after 50 years. The conflict between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka compounds a century old dispute over the vital interests of farmers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is a perfect example of institutional failure, and a very important case study to understand the intricacies and the problems with the current framework.

In 2016 September 28 Supreme Court order to Karnataka state to release 6,000 cusecs of Cauvery river water every day to Tamil Nadu for three days by the bench Justices Dipak Misra and Uday U Lalit also asked the Central government to facilitate a meeting of the executive heads of both states over the next two days to help them find a resolution to the impasse.

Cauvery Issue Solution: The Cauvery issue has the solution. It is only in the hands of people .The cauvery issue was misused by language bigotry. India possesses a variety of language, but she has enjoyed a linguistic unity from the earliest times. In the 3rd century B.C. the Prakrit served as the common language of the people. According to Dr. Ray Chaudhri, "Prakrit was the one single language sufficient to bring the message of a royal missionary to the doors of his humblest subject throughout this vast kingdom." After Prakrit, Sanskrit became the common language of the masses.

Because the struggle between only Karnataka and Tamilnadu farmers. They were not participated in the revolt. Even Egypt Nile river was one river it shares between 11neighbouring countries. Even example Pakistan enemy country they also share the Indus water to India. Our people must had the thought we are Indians. The two states people only think we are Sons of Bharatmatha. In my point of view The Cauvery will be under the National river of India centre. They only decide to distribute the water.

Conclusion: We can never forget the freedom movements run by the people of all religions and Languages of India to make India an independent country. The struggle for freedom is the great example of unity in diversity in India. Unity in diversity concept in India gives everyone a strong message that nothing is without unity. Living together with love and harmony provides the real essence of life. Unity in diversity in India shows us that we all are born, cared and nourished by one Supreme God. Unity and diversity bring a fraternity between the states.


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