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China's refusal to aid Nepal due to Indian Military Presence in Nepal, is it justified?

"To what shall it profit a man, by gaining the whole world, but losing his own soul." This benevolent and an omnipotent phrase from the 'Bible' can be rightfully placed here, in this case, as some tyranny happens to be in the air.

Nepal, as we all know, was a very successful country in all terms – be it heritage, military, geography and what not, making a true mark in this 'cosmos'. Today, when a massive natural outbreak has occurred in this historic country, there seems to be envious feelings flowing across its border, particularly from China in the north. China, who always considered Nepal as its integral part and had always been a great pillar of strength for them, seems to be annoyed with India. Is it just because of the Indian military presence in Nepal? I say and wholeheartedly believe that a country who wishes the true development of its own and its neighbours, must bestow upon only love amongst them and not envy. The current atmosphere makes both the countries at loggerheads, defying the mutual respect they had for each other. It definitely isn't justified as to why China has taken such an extreme and indecent step. The presence of Indian military in Nepal is there to protect and help those who have lost millions and suffered tons. Having said this, humanity is seen and should be as a benevolent force that drives faith, honesty and binds true love amongst all. Thus, the mere presence of Indian military shouldn't be a reason for the Government of China in not intervening into Nepal. Like history mentions, although the Indo-China relations have never been a good one, this shouldn't be an atrocious step towards a down falling attitude towards humanity. It's high time for both, India and China, to bury the hatchet. A feeling of hatred amongst its neighbours affects all and leaves none. So china must realize its contribution in the past as well as its need today in the worst-hit Nepal.

We all need to do our bit in helping Nepal. They are no less than our family. In them, we see a great neighbour. In their country lies, the incarnation of Buddhism, which has spread love and peace amongst humanity. We all are proud of having a neighbour with a rich cultural heritage, since time immemorial. Why, in that case, should China, who is a superpower in Asia and an emerging one, in the world, step behind? We all require a potent nation like china, in this time of great need. When countries such as the USA, UK, France and many others have come forward to help Nepal, China also must not leave any stone unturned now, to be able to garner a good relationship in decades to come. All the help that China offered Nepal in the past, speaks volumes of its interest in seeking Nepal as an integral part of their family. Just because of the Indian military presence in Nepal, China cannot withdraw. Even if there seems to be a concern so serious, it needs to be solved out through mutual talks, in a quick manner. We must understand here, that India and China happen to be very potential countries, which the others respect too. They are Asia's pride and continue to be good leaders, pulling all other nations into mutual harmony. To be a superpower in a continent, is a matter of pride and leadership. Both, China and India, must continue to be good leaders and must offer Nepal a great helping hand in this dire need. Resolving differences will result into happiness and satisfaction and eliminate the ego and hatred between the two governments.

'United we stand, Divided we fall.' Nepal must not be let down after suffering such a voluminous defeat at the hands of this natural calamity. Humans are here to stay, countries to bind and we all are very sure that Nepal will surely recover and see the light of a prosperous day very soon.

Prasad Bagauli

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