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China's refusal to aid Nepal due to Indian Military Presence in Nepal, is it justified?

It has always been a matter of fact that most of the times even a natural cause of humanitarian crisis are taken on the grounds of political advantage or motive. The similar instance happened in Nepal, which was shook by the disastrous earthquake that took place on April 25th. Amid such wide spread impact on the lives of people, killing more than 8000 and injuring above 20,000 with scores of bodies still to be recovered.

The Indian government was the first to active it�s synapses and get involved in the rescue operation within six hours of the impact. India was followed by China which also endeavored a brisk attempt to the rescue effort. This is when controversies have been raised when China claimed and at the meantime showed reluctance to aid Nepal just because of India�s military presence. It is true that Indo-Chinese relationship for decades is not on the right track. And over the past few months being hassled by border disputes and other engagement related issues over the Indian Ocean and the subcontinent.

China has always had an eye on Nepal for it�s own advantage. In 2014 China overtook India as the biggest foreign direct investor in Nepal in a very unconventional and unfriendly way intensifying the speculations about China�s unfriendly nature. Many countries all over the world have sought help to Nepal and they very well accomplished their jobs. China should also have focused on that point rather than dragging implicitly all the disputes with India on the grounds of Nepal, making it more victimized where the toll kept on rising every single day.

The question of ethics and humanity is raised over here is that-Does China always endeavors a motive of political gain or profit irrespective of the conditions of any country? Indian military was in Nepal not to challenge China but to help out its residents in every way possible. How come China was having problem from this? It is really very saddening that China, one of the leading growing economies in Asia is ready to compete with India, that too on the grounds of Nepal which was shortly eradicated with all types of developmental aspects. This could never be justified for China or any other country showing such apathy towards humanity. Humanity should prevail over every other priority and that is what China ought to have forgotten.

India and China have a glorious history and similarly Nepal is amalgamated with majority of two religions that is Hinduism and Buddhism, making it a sister country of both. Aspects related to development should always be there in every country but when a country is facing such severe crisis like Nepal at present. The superior ones should always lend a helping hand to them irrespective of any profit motive. There are several prospects which the government of every nation should follow. These are they should all possess the capability to learn from their histories both bad and good and to rectify the former in the future. The principle of humanity should be clear to all and should be prevailing over every other priority. All should maintain friendliness, cooperation, peaceful movements and competition for development in a bona fide way. Great leaders have always spoken that humanity is greater than religion and it should encapsulate all.

Tanumoy Mondal

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