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Which is better; corrupt but secular political parties or corruption less but communal political parties- Comment

Indian democracy is a new democracy, it s celebrating 70 years of independence in 2017. Democracy implies government elected by the people in which the state exists for the welfare of people. India has multi party system since 1967 and so greater representation of common man. This implies that the political system should be free from evils such as corruption, nepotism, unethical practices as well.

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Looking to the history of India the corrupt and weak rule has never been tolerated by the people, be it the case of Nanda dynasty in which the ruler was dethroned by Chandragupta Maurya in ancient period or the British rule of modern age which is known for its anti-people outlook, or drain of wealth. The tyrannical rule was not tolerated and finally India won independence n 1947.

Today, in 21st century where citizens are more aware of their rights, welfare, duties, the political system of India needs to be more responsible in its working. No doubt there are initiatives taken by the government in this direction. The right to information makes the working of government more accountable, the changes in the representatives of people act 1950-51 is also a step in this direction where people registering as candidates for election have to submit information with the concerned officer. The citizens charter is also a positive step in which the citizens need to inform to the concerned officer if there work is not done within a given time frame.

Though there are many examples which shows the concern of Indian Government towards the citizens yet there are loopholes which shows that political system is bereft of ethics, morality and principals. The bill of code of ethics is still not passed which makes the working of bureaucracy inefficient. The corruption act makes both the giver as well as the receiver criminal. This indicates the loophole in the law as both will not unveil the act of corruption and the system will continue prevailing in the society. The scams which takes place in our country like bofors scam, Harshad Mehta scam of stock exchange, hawala system, 2g scam, coal scam, all shows the negligence in governance and lack of ethical practices. The transfer of officers on appointment of new government, the change of Governors of states in an ambiguous manner. Moreover, the emergency provision of 1975, has shown the government working in a reckless manner.

Though there are rectifications carried on from time to time, yet there is more which needs to be done. The implementation part should be seen in a serious manner. The ethical code needs as well as the innovative ideas need to be introduced while dealing with corruption of various kinds like bribery, intellectual crimes. The participation of stakeholders is necessary in making laws as per the aspirations of citizens. Delay in delivering justice should be avoided by making laws up to date from time to time as we know that �justice delayed is justice denied�.

Political system should be modified where the candidate even if he is not convicted should not be allowed to contest elections. The good practices taken by other countries like Denmark, and other Scandinavian countries to tackle corruption should be analysed. A democracy can only be successful if it has the moral traits inscribed in its governance.

In the process of making politics ethical, educating the masses about the moral principles is necessary. This education begins from home then schools and day to day lives of an individual. Every citizen also needs to be aware of his duties towards the state. The higher position one achieves, more ideal he should become in following laws of the state. Unfortunately, the system in India is just the opposite as the more power comes in the hands of individual, more he feels free to break the laws.

Concluding, it can be said that political system of India can be made healthy both individually, as well as collectively improving the personality and system on the whole.

-Akriti Singh

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