Covid-19, the roadmap to the recovery. Getting the economy back to track

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Hello, fellow readers ,the above topic is quite catchy and challenging to the entire world. Because the whole world is facing imbalance in it's economy .I being 'YOUTH' have some quite interesting plans to get on track the economy .So let's get started

→One common idea everyone get's on hearing this topic is to collect at least one rupee from each individual .So it sum up to the population of our country .But my review about this is not that good .It's difficult to bring this to practice.

 →Nevertheless,  I have a good plan  a good plan ,however our country have boycotted most of the china products .As we were importing many goods from china .So Indians can now take over this opportunity and encourage desi products ,Indians have the same skill and talent as other countries men have .I don't think we have to import so many goods .If we push up our people for better products in the market .And bringing awareness about these to the whole population to use the products and creating a demand for it .By giving loans with low interests we can have people engaged in this work and to some extent we can control unemployment by employing people .

→ We could increase the number of tourists spots and attract people to visit them ,so the entry fee may also have a small role to play to the benefit of economy .Hike in the alcohol price may also contribute

→Another way to get the economy on track is to have a heavy tax \GsT on the imported goods so that those products don't sell well in our country and there will be no demand created for those products ,finally we end up importing that particular product .So no other way ,people have to get back to swadeshi goods and buy them .Increasing our exporting products ,also to have a quality products .Hence there is demand created in other nations also .Total encouragement to all small industries ,cottage industries to restart their business work .

→This one is the interesting of all. Now due to the spread of corona virus many have migrated to their hometown .Having their ancestor's  lands  some who have experience over agriculture have now restated to set the fields .So this opportunity is to be used by the government and give loans on the lands for cultivation ,encouraging them , teaching techniques about water management ,rain water harvesting ,construct of bunds ,giving seeds at low interest ...etc, By doing all these we can cage people's interest intact to the villages and exact the best

Finally,  these were some of my ideas which I preferred sharing . hope these make a path for the betterment of the society and wishing for a normal life very soon . 


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