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2020 brought everything so unexpected. Nobody ever thought that a country like India will go on lockdown for 21 days and many more. People were made to sit at home, shops were shut down, daily wage workers and vendor were sent back home, buses were made to stand in there stands, trains were made to rest on stations, aeroplanes were on the ground. All these unexpected things happened because of one unwanted friend named corona came from China (wuhan) all the way to India. Normally in India we preach “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” guest is our God but this time this atithi corona is not welcomed any how. This tiny deadly spreading virus has not only effected our country economically but people are been effected mentally as well.


A very busy life of people has suddenly stopped due to outbreak of corona and not only in India but many other countries are battling with this. Every person is made to site at home no matter how big or small, powerful or weak that person is, because corona will not see a person’s designation before attacking him or her. Also its not only corona which has deepen its roots but other things has also grown to unmanageable state like mental health of people is deteriorating day by day people are becoming depress and then this is leading to steps like suicide. If we look into the stats then number of suicides has increased in past few months since this corona phase has started. Now the question arises why is it so, what has happened in these past few months that people are becoming more and more depressed ? Answer goes like people are made to work from home which has reduced their physical exercise, no more morning walks in the park, no more playing with children in the park, no more gym, no going out and buying groceries, no gaming, no movies in cinema hall, they are just made to sit at home and working from home has become the need of the hour which is leading to over work, tired mind , over eating , overthinking and there are no ways to chill your mind or calming it down. People who live alone they are facing the major problem because they have not a single person to talk to they just have walls to stare at. So many tangled thoughts in their mind but no way to untangled them. Irony of this situation is people are free but can’t meet each other due to lockdown and social distancing thing.  Now the people are left with themselves and their tangled thoughts. Whenever we face some kind of difficulty we refer talking to people who can listen to us even suggests some ways to deal with that situation but due to corona thing people fear to meet people, go out. Which has left people alone to deal with the situation on their own.



The solution to this situation is people should be regularly in touch with their family members. Family members should keep a check on their children who are far away for them. People should stay motivated enough to face this situation with courage and being optimistic. Because this is just the phase of life and will pass on, but if we will give up on our life because of this then we will be declared losers. Also by being depressed and committing suicide pain will not be over instead it will be pass on to our family members, on our near and dear ones. Before taking any dangerous step or giving up life, people should think about the doctors, soldiers, sweepers, hygiene workers who are giving our country a selfless service in this pandemic without even meeting their family members on regular basis. So at least we can do this much by staying at home taking care of ourselves, of our family members and staying happy spreading happiness all around.

-Vidhi Veerbhan

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