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Discuss the pros and cons of India's stand on human rights issue in Srilanka.

"All human beings are equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act toward one another in spirit of brotherhood", the slogan given by UNHRC. As per the opinion of UNHRC, right of equality was being violated in Sri Lanka when a large number of civilians were killed in conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamils. UNHRC has tiraded the Sri Lankan government for ravishment of the rights of the Tamils and threatened government to be ready for the incur if suitable action is not taken by the government at this niche.

In March 2014, United Nations with the support of Mauritius, Macedonia, Britain and Montenegro sponsored a resolution blaming Sri Lanka for war crimes. The resolution provided an independent commission to probe the charges against Sri Lanka. US blamed Sri Lanka for white washing the war crimes. Sri Lanka was blamed for providing very limited power to Tamil elite and the resolution demanded provision of authority to 'Tamil National Alliance' the largest party of the Tamils.

When voting was done for the resolution 23 votes were in favor and 12 votes were against the resolution. 12 decided not to vote either in favor or in against of resolution. India too favored abstenation.

Was the decision of India right?
If we look at the immediate consequences of India's decision of abstenation then this decision seems to be correct. Soon after the decision of India more than 100 Indian fishermen who had been arrested by Sri Lankan police for illegal fishing were ceded to India.

Secondly, this decision played a crucial role to stop influence of China over Sri Lanka. By investing deeply, it becomes clear that China is trying hard to come close to Sri Lanka. China is the biggest foreign investor in Sri Lanka and the second largest importer of Sri Lankan goods. China is already helping Sri Lanka in improving infrastructure and has given a loan of 500$ for various development works.

The idea of 'Maritime Silk Route' proposed by China is already a cause of worry for India. MSR will increase the presence of China in Indian Ocean. If at this situation India goes against Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka will obviously tilt towards China. This will affect the frugal and security aspects of India.

Again India has implemented a number of projects for the welfare of Tamils in Sri Lanka. These projects will not be successful without the co-operation of Sri Lankan government. For the sake of Tamils in Sri Lanka, India's stand to go for abstenation is justified.

It is very important for India to appease Sri Lanka because to stop smuggling, trafficking, incursion and other illegal activities India will need co-operation of Sri Lanka. For increasing influence in south Asia India will need support of Sri Lanka as Sri Lanka is the strongest economic ally of India in South Asia.

There are some black sides of this decision. As per the Indo Sri Lankan treaty in 2009, Sri Lanka declared to ceasefire on Tamils. But Sri Lankan military have violated this treaty many times. Even after the end of conflict there is a feeling of aggravation among the Tamils because of unfairly laws. Sri Lankan government treats Sinhalese and Tamils with aberration as Tamils are deprived of many rights. In many cities of Sri Lanka, the entries of Tamils are restricted. LTTE's son was brutally killed by military without proving any charge against him. This decision of India has disgruntled Tamils and also resulted in despondent for the Tamils in India as well as in Sri Lanka. Looking at these factors it seems that India's decision was wrong.

But India has to take decision keeping in mind the short term and long term consequences and welfare of Indians as well as Tamils in Sri Lanka. Even by maintaining a good relation with Sri Lanka India will be able to short out these problems. India is successful in forging a good relation by its decision of abstenation. This justifies India's stand not to vote either not to vote either in favor or against of the resolution.

Suman Kumar

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