Does India need more missiles or more industries?

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I would like to start my essay with few wh... questions? What is the use of missiles if it only brings in anarchy and destruction? What is the use of industry, in any country if its people or inhabitants lacks the quality of being ‘industrious’? What is the use of missiles if, it leads to darkness in life? What is the use of industry if it becomes synonymous with, the spread of pollution in a country? What is the use of missiles if it eats into the resources of a country resultantly, leading to havoc in the long run? What is the use of an industry if, it increases the capital of the industrialist by, squeezing the blood of the labour classes involved in such an industry?

                   All in all, both missiles as well as industry are going to prove futile with the passage of time in a country, if, the inhabitants of such a country lacks in humane qualities. Thus, it is more important for a country to be of kind and generous nature then, to possess missiles or industries. May be, keeping all these facts in mind, country like Bhutan has introduced the concept of Gross Happiness Index instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in its economy. As, happiness of an individual in a country or, to a larger extent, of a countryman, as a whole, is an all-encompassing phenomenon, in comparison to, possessing a missile or an industry in it. Therefore, both missiles as well as industries has no meaning in the context of our country in particular, if it cannot usher in happiness, to a larger extent among the people of the country.

                   At the same time, while we introspect on whether, India needs more missiles or more industries we need to relook at the ground realities as prevalent in our country. India is considered as a land of dhul aur pasina (dust and sweat) by the developed countries of the world. In this regard, I would like to further state that, the whole of India at the present times is polluted and especially, the four metros of our country heading the list. At the same time, our four metros namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are the hub of industrialisation. Many experts comment that, these metros are no longer liveable for human beings. As, smog is a common phenomenon in them. Therefore, this phase of industrialisation in our country, especially, since independence has been only a loop sided development.

                   On the other hand, India’s defence preparedness is marked by many varieties of missiles. These missiles may be considered to be a mark of gratitude to the former President of India and, who is also popularly known as the missile man of India, namely Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir. Unfortunately, he is no more but he has certainly left a legacy to follow for the country as far a defence preparedness is concerned. With all respect to Dr. Kalam Sir and his efforts, at the same time, we need to ponder on the aspects of poverty eradication and income generation along with, defence preparedness in the country. This is so because, only defence preparedness without developing the human indexes or, in other words, without improving the qualities of human lives would not serve our purpose. The ultimate goal of our country should be to make India strong both, within the country by, increasing the gross income of the countrymen, as well as, by increasing its mark in the comity of nations as a global power, in the times to come.

                   The motto of the modern nations of the world is to, ‘prepare for war, in order to maintain peace’. This, has not only made arms like missiles indispensable for a country, but also has boasted its strength, as far as, defence preparedness of a country is concerned. Our nation, India cannot remain aloof from this fact. Thus, simmering tension is the order of the day, as far as, defence and modern warfare are concerned. This, has put the whole world in general and, our country India in particular in a dark cloud of war mongering and tension at the present times. Therefore, the world as a whole, is more anarchic today then, ever before. Our country,India thus is not akin to it.

                   In a nutshell, as far as, whether we, India as a country needs more missiles or more industries, the answer to this question, lies in our overall outlook to the modern world as a whole. In this unipolar world of ours, after the end of the Cold War, and, the consequent breakdown of the USSR, the world really needs peace andall-round development. India, as a nation can only prosper, if and only if, it engrosses itself with the world in this process of peace and development as stated above. Therefore, all-round development in our country, India should shed off all regional variations in the country and, should rather engross, one and all in the country. The mantra for our country in choosing between missiles or industries lies in, rather in creating a green and serene country then, in creating an anarchic country as prevalent in our country, at the present times, in the present prevalent world order.

-Jnandeep Bora

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