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Does the human race need to slow down?

Humans are definitely god's chosen creatures on earth, with the ability to communicate in different languages, to create things and to command other beings. But this ability adds the responsibility on humans to make wise decisions not only for him but for the protection of the nature as well as other beings living along.

Man has, however, used his energy and intelligence only towards fulfillment of his personal goals. In furtherance of fulfilling his desires he has even entered into competition with the other fellow men. Today the trend has worsened to the extent that humans are surviving only to win the competition race, irrespective of the presence/absence of any personal goals to be fulfilled at the end of it. The changing sleeping patterns of the current generations due to the odd working hours is an evidence of the fact how the growing competition has made humans even ignore their personal health forget about devoting time for other living beings.

Earlier human relations were not only with humans. They interacted with other creatures also. One used to wake up early in the morning and witness the rising sun, the melting of droplets of frost formed on leaves of beautiful trees, and the chirping of birds after night long silence while spending time with domestic animals. One had the time to study even the wild and poisonous creatures and learnt how to live and let live.

Today man does not have time to spend for other human beings also. Every interaction with others is for a purpose. This purpose again is merely to win the competition race, rather than fulfillment of a given objective for the betterment of the society or of even oneself. It is only when in the quest of earning wealth and fame that they eventually lose their health and it is then few realize and wish they prioritized their goals.

Our present generation has already been deprived of many species and varieties, which were quite commonly witnessed by people. Also the precious non-renewable sources of energy are in danger due to the exploitation of mineral with heavy machineries so as to earn maximum profit. We have built cities but have destroyed forests. The recent calamity in Kedarnath in India has reminded humanity to wait for a while and think over the reasons behind the incident. We have displaced forests, changed the planting patterns, and industrialized the sensitive areas also by building hotels and roads and thereby contributing to global warming. But the problem is that we halt to think-over only when a mishap has already taken place. Right from the Stockholm Conference till today we have been coining new terminologies and principles like 'sustainable development', 'polluter pay principle' or 'precautionary principle' but it is too late if these are implemented only when directions are issued by a court as was done in Vellore Citizens Forum v UOI. We need to incorporate these principles in our daily lives to prevent any further damage to our habitat.

Human beings are capable of making a difference towards their nation and the entire earth. Man has the capability of putting in the hard-work and persistence through his strength and intelligence for working towards better nation-building. But today we need to stop once and prioritize our goals before rushing into action. We need to introspect into the way we are working like life-less machines and transform ourselves into living beings that are capable of understanding the impact of our actions on ourselves, our fellow beings and even the future generations who might otherwise receive only hollow dug up land, polluted and ozone depleted sky and the dried up rivers and bays.

A.Raja Rajeswari

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