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Does the human race need to slow down?

Human race is the most dominating and admirable creature of this world. We are the most blessed and bestowed by the Almighty. After the discovery of fire and the introduction of wheel, there is no turn back for our race. The primitive man was so concerned for nature and humanity. But the present scenario makes us to frown, is it blessing in disguise? There exists cut throat competition everywhere and man is behind money and greed, keeping love and compassion at bay. Money is required to some extent in our day to day life. The making of money is an extended business and man needs to strive a lot. But no one is ready for that lengthy process and all they want is instant money and fame. The tolerance level among the people is totally reduced. Increasing number of road accidents and alarming suicidal rates shows us that human race has forgotten the school days phrase 'slow and steady wins the race'.

Modern world has given us astonishing gadgets and gizmos but has taken away our health and happiness. Present society counts the success of an individual in terms of his possession and wealth instead of his character and philanthropy. Men take jobs on terms of mercenary benefits rather than his real interest. The trend of nuclear family setup could not able to give fruitful results. The children starve for love and affection from their working parents. It is noteworthy to mention that most of the parents hardly find time to spend with their loved ones. There should be a balance between the professional and personal, else life is not enjoyable. It's time to slow down the pace of rush-hour towards money.

Mushrooming of counseling centers and rehabilitate centers shows that man to man interaction has grossly reduced. Money and greed makes man to involve in all unethical activities including crime, scam etc. Increased fast food culture and no time for balanced diet have paved the way for life-style oriented disorders. Extended working hours and neglected physical exercises resulted in increased blood pressure and mental disorders among the youth. It is disheartening to know the fertility rate has gone down due to prolonged exposure to radiations from mobile phones and laptops. It's high time to get out of the clutches of technology and enjoy the nature by having morning stroll and weekend trekking.

Nowadays, the exploitation of nature and natural resources by human activities is unpardonable. The need of the hour, is just to slow down. In the name of development, man converts fertile land into real estate plot thereby digging their own coffin. The construction of skyscrapers in the vegetative land is not at all a sign of progress. It shows his poor concern for agriculture. Remember, agriculture is the backbone of economy and we would quest even for food for mere survival for the days to come. Increased industrial expelling of toxic substances got polluted the atmosphere and what we breathe today is not pure air. The unpredicted climatic changes and phenomena like acid rain, drought and flood are all the results of our untoward risks against nature. Even the farmers in this fast-track world got misplaced priorities and confused identities. They don't even keep their fingers crossed until the seeds germinate naturally. With the help of technology they could yield crops and vegetable before they rise naturally. All we eat today is less nutritious and harmful for our health. By fostering tree planting schemes and by reducing deforestation we can save our resources.

It is the tendency of the developed countries to suppress the developing countries for power. Every country should realize that war is not a solution and every conflict can be put to an end by amicable agreement. Universal brotherhood and love for humanity should spread among the countries. The usage of nuclear power should always be in a constructive manner. Amid the hustle and bustle of life we need to slow down to think twice before acting prudently. Thus in a nut shell there is a pressing need for tolerance, compassion among the people, safeguarding the nature and good balanced life style. We need to slow down a bit to brace our self to achieve dizzy success in all walks of life.

N Neethipathy

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