Dose India need more Missiles or More Industries?

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Will starts with Industry

India we would require more industry, because our import is more than export.

If we want grow our economy (GDP) then we will have to rethink to our policy and time schedule (For establishment of any international brand to setup a factory/manufacturing unit or etc in India that time schedule.

In defense sector recently Govt. increase the market share of foreign brand

Govt. will plan a single window for foreign brand for establishment in India, and this is the correct time we need to be come on action and invite to foreign brand in India (Whole world against the China this is a big opportunity for India to cash)

Few points which want to highlight

1:- India 5th Largest economy.

2:- We have good no of Man power.

3:- We have a best Technical team.

4:- Proper planning and proper execution (Will have to monitor that planning) in corporate language end to end service.

If we built a good infrastructure and atmosphere the brand will attract towards that Exp- (Magarpatta city in Pune)

Industry will come up with employment and (Govt. can plan with the company and prepare on the basis of (skill India & Atal skills program  etc)

Segmentation wise job can be shared by the company with all the details and plan/ road map, which will help the govt. slowdown the unemployment ratio as per current scenario.

Maximum output with minimum resources






We will have to improve our defence.


India shared his largest border with China & Pakistan and both the country can’t be trusted, because of his internal policy.

Will have to develop our missile power (Recently India tested Brahmos cruise missile successfully), currently brahmos is utilize by, Army,NAVY and Airforce

We also have others missiles also (few missile name given below)

  1. Agni series (1 to 5)
  2. Shaurya
  3. Brahmos
  4. Prathvi (1 to 3)
  5. K series specially use in submarine
  6. Nirbhay
  7. Prahar
  8. Pralay
  9. Pinka(recently JV with private company to full fill the need of Indian defence)
  10. Pradyumna
  11. Trishul

Currently we are focusing on long range of hypersonic cruise missile (Brahmos)

DRDO is developing Brahmos light version for Tejas air to air.

Currently Sukoi 30 mki is carrying the brahmos.

Conclusion:- Basically India require both the think if we looking for bright future(Two side of a coin)

  • Industry will help us to grow economically.
  • Missile will help us to secure & safe the country.

Basically if we looking for bright future so both the thinks will play a major role for our future

Secured atmosphere will attract the others industry also.

Industry will provide us employment

Industry require good infrastructure and atmosphere to develop.

It will grow our export no.

If export will grow GDP will automatically increase.

-Avinash Srivastava

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