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Dreams which should not let India sleep.

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India is floundering with numerous problems and it can only develop when all these problems are dived with a strategy. And dream doesn’t come reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork. The dream of independence, which the citizen saw from open eyes, came true on 15th August, 1947. The 200-year long struggle ended with colours of palm. The following points that need to be kept in mind to make our dreams come true are.

The dream of safety of women

The status of women in ancient times was much better. The workshop by ancient Indian essentials similar as Patanjali and Katyayana suggested that women were educated in the early Vedic period. There were only many ladies who were given place in the freedom struggle. There are numerous vittles in the

Constitution of India, and government has formulated numerous laws from time to time for upping the status of women in India but proper perpetration is still a dream.

Corruption free country

Every citizen is working hard moment to achieve success, but some adopts a path which diverts them from the normal cause of action. The constitution provides equal occasion to all irrespective of estate, colour, creed, coitus, etc. grounded on their chops and knowledge. But people use illegal means to achieve what the solicitations.

The dream of prosperous nation

An economically prosperous nation is the one which has no poor population, equal openings to everyone, affordable access to introductory amenities of life, a speedy health care installation at cheap rates, a power full currency, no problem of hoarding and affectation, vacuity of food for everyone, etc.

Education for all

The Government of India is trying its hardest to increase the knowledge rate of the country, but indeed after putting all the sweats it still warrants before. The government started the Mid-day mess policy to attract further children and this strategy is getting a good response. But still there are numerous hurdles which stop children from coming to academy.

The education system of India is veritably theoretical which don’t give important occasion for exploration workshop. We’ve the stylish institutions like the IIT, IIM, AIIMS etc. which are able of generating world class professionals but they also lack in government backing for the purpose of exploration and development.

Healthy nation

Problem of hunger and malnutrition is a matter of concern. The conditions of the government hospitals are pitiable. There’s no vacuity of proper installations. The prices of health care at estimable institutions are reaching skies. People die every day due to lack of vacuity of medical aid.

Scientific and technology development

The Mangalyaan charge is the first inter planetary charge which was successfully fulfilled by the Indian technological developments. India fulfilled this charge in its first attempt. This accomplishment brought glory to our nation. The dumdums and other advancement have brought in a lot of praise from each over the world.

Employment for all

The failure of employment is one of the major issues of the country. Every time India is producing large quantum of scholars but there’s shy structure to give them job. The artificial sector needs to be developed so that the jobs increase and other ways to get jobs also open up. The dreams could only be fulfilled if all the citizen of the nation contribute in them. Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam formerly said that Dream isn’t what you see in sleep, is the ting which doesn’t let you sleep. India is a country of1.3 billion people is made of the soil where billions expedients and bournes crop but veritably many of them are converted into reality. We all need to work inclusively to make all our dreams come reality.

-Sangeeta Paul

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