Dreams which should not let India sleep

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“Dream is not which you see in sleep. Dream is what does not let you to sleep.”

  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


At the eve of 75 years of independence, India is celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mohatsov with its glorious tradition, rich history, achievements and failure too. With its slow but steady steps India has tendered many brilliant actions both domestically and internationally and has also gained explorable experiences. 75 years before when India achieved complete independence, it was suffering from a lot of problems like poverty, illiteracy, food scarcity, terrorism etc but skilled leadership led remarkable strategies has alleviated these issues though not completely but still work done is praiseworthy.

In order to be world leader again, India needs to commit some actions which can be considered as dreams. Our dreams should not be whimsical; it should be rational and based on pragmatic issues. India’s aspirations and dreams are identical which reflect India’s status, potentials and needs.














Economy of a nation plays most crucial role in its external and domestic policy making. If economy is stable and flourishing then govt can take developmental policies, make defence sector stronger, lay influence on neighbours through loans, provide funds for start-ups etc. India has set a target to be a $5 trillion economy by 2025 and to achieve this we need to limit flow of capital outside of India and attract more investment.  Recently former Pakistan PM Imran Khan appreciated India for its sovereign external policy that, India is not under control of anyone, not even USA. He also compared status of Pakistan with India. India can do this because of its stable and flourishing economy whereas Pakistan is on the verge of defaulting. Where the whole world has high risk of recession, India has 0% chance. So, economic achievement should be the first dream for us to be fulfilled.

India has 100% potential to be a permanent member in United Nation Security Council (UNSC). India’s huge market, economy, population, diasporas and leadership in South Asia make sufficient points for India’s permanent seat in UNSC. Chinese veto is the only obstacle here. In order to use its potentials and diplomacy in a full fledged scale, India’s dream of inclusion in UNSC must be achieved. Besides it would assist India in two front war and other diplomatic issues also.

Despite being an indigenously developed nuclear powered country, India still maintains no first use policy. So, India can be a reliable and responsible member in nuclear group. India’s energy need is increasing at a rapid speed. Only dependence on renewable and non-renewable energy sources will be a foolish step. We need nuclear power. Besides defence sector also need nuclear technology. India is already working in it but we need entry into Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) for access to better technology and raw materials especially for power generation.

Terrorism and two front wars are serious threats to India. To counter this India need to recapture its lost territory that is Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK). First of all, the whole Kashmir is an indispensible part of India. Secondly, recapture of POK will give a severe blow to CPEC. Thirdly, recapture of POK will help Indian forces to counter Pak sponsored terrorism. Fourthly, it will be a diplomatic victory of India in geopolitical platform. India must need to design strategy to fulfil this dream.

Economic growth is impossible without digitalization of economy. Digital economy eases transaction, brings every citizen under banking services, and makes convenient Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) etc. Government can monitor financial flow properly thus reducing corruption, increase in taxation rate and handling the issue of counterfeit currency. Already digital platforms like UPI, Rupay card are successful initiatives but we need to pay more focus.

Indian Ocean region (IOR) is the current power centre of the globe. More than 70% of world trade takes place through IOR. The ocean floor is full with rare earth minerals. Both China and USA are worried to control it but nobody can without India’s help. India needs to dominate IOR to maintain its influence globally.

Climate change has impacted Indian economy seriously. India should be less dependable on fossil fuels for its transportation sector. World order may change any time. Being a net importer of fossil fuel India becomes vulnerable to any disturbed world order. Energy crisis in Bangladesh is a current example. 100% electric mobility helps India to deal with climate change, disturbed world order and huge expenditure.

Being a net importer, India’s Current Account Deficit (CAD) is still huge and that negatively impacts balance of payment. Export surplus economy will create more jobs in market, narrows CAD and strengthen Rupee.

India’s dreams and aspirations cannot be confined in words. The above discussed points are some major issues. India needs to focus also on education, food sufficiency, gender equality, healthcare etc. Both govt and citizen should co-operate each others to fulfil these dreams and we do believe that we can do this.


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