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To Keep Ganga Clean the puja's should not be performed on the bank of the river, do you agree? - Discuss

The Ganga, a river which has immense spiritual respect among the people where it has been flowing from ancient time and have a high place in all the spiritual books of India. The river which has been flowing incessantly in the region not only has spiritual value but also has economic, scientific, and environmental importance. It is the source of irrigation for millions of people residing on the bank of this river and involved in agriculture work for their livelihood and the production of food for millions of fellow citizens who are working in cities for their betterment. It also has diversity of species exploring their life in the Ganga and across its banks. A number of cities are situated on the banks of Ganga and is making India progressive with the industries they possess in the term of Jobs, Capitals and the material of daily use the Indian citizens require to sustain. But, in due course the over exploitation of this sacred river by the people who have been dependent on this river has turned this into one of the most polluted river of world.

A number of pilgrim places e.g. Kedarnath, Rishikesh, Prayag and many more are situated on the bank of the Ganga and people visit the place for their spiritual advancement. They have very much respect for the river and devout this river as their mother but unknowingly they also have participated in polluting this motherly river. Millions of devotee visit the sacred places situated on the bank of this river and pay their respect in the form of Puja they perform in the water of the Ganga. They throw flowers, vermillion and many other chemical materials for their mental satisfaction which has caused the pollution of river water which has harmed not only the purity of river but also the lives of species which are flourishing in its water and by its water.

We understand that the river is connected with the emotion of the people of India and they show their respect to this holy river by performing Pooja on its banks but time has come when we understand the causes of pollution of this river and find an alternative way to show our respect to our mother river. It is the time we should start finding a way to show our respect in a new and unique way for this river and it should be in the form of making this holy river as pure as we have been praising it from our heart spiritually. We should stop throwing chemical materials in the form of Puja but show our gratitude by encouraging others to stop polluting this holy river. We should start finding a way to stop the other means which is polluting the holy river. It is the time we should show our gratitude for this river which has made humanity possible in this reason by making its water pure so that it could feed our next generation as nice as it has done our previous generation and us.

By performing puja in the Ganga we calm our soul for a moment but mistakenly we harm our mother river. A river which has a mention in all our ancient spiritual books and our history deserves to be as sacred as it is mentioned in our books for our future generation and it is possible only when we avoid each and every thing which make this holy river polluted and find every method to get its polluted river super pure so that the entire world empathize its cultural, religious, environment and economic importance.

Mani Kant Jha

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