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What are the real issues confronting India in the run up to the general election 2014.

As many are suggesting that this time there is a lot more involvement of the citizens towards the coming Lok Sabha elections. Social media that provide a platform for the citizens to express their views about issues are debating them as the elections are approaching. It is great relief to know that this time the elections are about issues concering common man that are more realistic in nature and are less idealistic.

Credibility/corruption: - From the time India got its freedom political parties and leaders have been indulging in corruption. Due to this there is deep anguish among people whose situation hasn't improved over the years. There have been scams after scams and there is no respite from it. Every political party is indulging in corruption yet they say they are clean and others are corrupt. This is a real issue in the country. The political parties should come with their view how to deal with corruption and what anti-corruption measures they may take after winning the polls.

Security: The year 2014 is crucial for India's security because NATO troops will be pulling out of Afghanistan rendering the possibility of Taliban resurfacing again there. Also the Pakistan's home grown Taliban (TTP) is gaining more power and the Pakistan's government is struggling to restrict their activities. There is also a looming threat of People's army of China invading our territory. There is also the issue of Naxalism which pose internal security threat to the country.

So country's security is another issue that is in the minds of the people. People are saying that a country which depends on others for its security cannot be safe. The political parties should come up with their stand on the security of the country. How they are going manage the external and internal security threats in the country.

Economic Development: The shadow of economic crunch of 2008 is not yet over throughout the world. The rupee value has gone done rapidly. The common man is fighting against inflation. Prices of essential commodities are going up. The fiscal deficit has not gone down either. There have been talks about inclusive growth but that has not happened. There is severe shortage of jobs and youth remain unemployed. What measures political parties are going to take to stabilize Indian economy is another issue facing the country.

Agriculture: Among all the economic discussions on development one should never forget the importance of agriculture. Agriculture forms the economic backbone of our country. The political parties have to spell out its stand on agriculture. How agriculture production could be accelerated is another issue before the 2014 general elections.

Power problem: A few years down the line we might face severe energy crisis in the country. Besides solar energy that has to be harnessed to its maximum potential, other renewable energy sources have to be discovered and substituted to conventional energy. Political parties have to come up with the roadmap how they are going tackle the energy crisis in the country.

Industrialization: The political parties have to give their views on industrialization. New industries have to be set up and how this process could be speeded up is something that is being talked about.

Indigenization: There is a strong need for indigenous development of technology rather than borrowing it from other countries. We have to gain self sufficiency in production of electronics, power and finished goods. How political parties are going to address this issue is what the voters want today.

Rural –Urban divide: There is huge rural- urban divide People are migrating from the rural to urban areas. Wealth and technology is concentrated in the cities. How this could be distributed to the villages is another issue concerning the people.

Education: Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyaan has been initiated for education in the country but the quality of education provided is something that is being debated. If quality of education is compromised how the country can grow in terms of knowledge. Higher education particularly research in pure science has hit rock bottom. This is due to lack of facilities and encouragement. How all these concerns about educating Indians would be addressed is something that is being debated in the country. Political parties have to come up their ideas on improving the quality of education in India. .

Last but not the least for all the above mentioned issues needs a strong government to implement its policies. The bureaucracy has to be equally efficient in delivering the planned objectives.

As the general elections are coming nearer These and many more such issues are right now making rounds in the popular gossips of the social media.

Adithya Bharadwaj