Happiness--- how dependent is it on external factors

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Happiness is the state of being well. Here ‘being well’ means that state in which the positive mental faculties of an individual are dominant over the negative ones. However, the external factors of an individual have a big role to play in a person being happy. In this regard, it would not be wrong to state that, the internal factors of being which is mainly dominated by the human mind has a stimulating role to play in creating a happy situation. At the same time, the external situations of being of an individual also has also its own role in happiness.

It is rightly said that ‘seeing is believing’. Therefore, what we see as human being has a direct role in making us believe about the various facets of life. Again, believing and later on finding out the pleasant aspects in our belief stimulates our senses of happiness. As what we see, how we see and later on what conclusion do we come about from our seeing, all these are dominant on the external factors. From the fact of ‘seeing is believing’, it can be said that, external factors have its own role to play in making us happy.

Further, analysing the role of external factors in happiness, it can be said that, a coherent and cohesive external environment too has its own role in making one happy. Thus, more the serenity, more the order, and, the more the order more are the chances of happiness for the world being. On the contrary, the more the anarchy, the more the incoherence resulting in a situation of chaos for the world being. All these has certainly a big role to play in creating an unpleasant environment. Thus, external factors all in all has a big role to play in creating a situation of happiness.

At the same time, these external factors are most of the time situational. How much pomp, gaiety and richness a person may have in life, if he has a snake bite or any pain in this regard all pomp and gaiety of his/her are in a vain for him/her. Again, how much luxury a person may have if he is in a state of imprisonment, then in such a situation his/her luxury is useless in this regard. Moreover, in the same vein, how much beautiful may a bird may be or how much pleasant his/her voice may be everything is futile if he/she is encaged. Thus freedom, liberty and progress in life may be said to be corollary factors in the ‘state of being’ of being happy.

In the case of stimulating happiness, bodily infirmity as well as mental infirmity or tension has also a lot to do with obstructing happiness in one’s life. At present, the whole world is in the grip of Covid-19 virus. So, in the grip of this virus, the whole world is in a situation of anarchy and in great trouble. The sight of death and trouble being faced by one part of the world has touched the hearts of the other parts of the world being. This again proves the fact that, happiness has much to do with external factors. Rather, in other words, external factors stimulate or de-stimulate happiness in one’s life.

Therefore, it is the bounden duty of we the world being to keep ourselves in such a manner that we can create a coherent and such an external environment in which serenity, order and calmness prevails over in serenity, disorder and chaos. In such a situation it is expected that, happiness will be all pervasive and in such a scenario, the whole body, mind and the soul, the three arenas of human being’s life which directly affects happiness will synchronise itself to produce a beautiful world. In this beautiful world of our’s happiness, happiness and unbound happiness will be all around. In creating this sense of happiness, the external world will have its own significance. This significance is of stimulating and of elongating the sense of happiness for we the world being.

-Jnandeep Bora

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