HAPPINESS- how dependant it is on external factors ?

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First of all we all must know what is happiness and how it is depend on external or internal factors . Happiness is a factor which comes to u when you are patience you are not expecting anything and life will be going in your way so happiness is what we want in our life and get accordingly . Happiness can be of two types one is EXTERNAL HAPPINESS and another one is INTERNAL HAPPINESS .

First I will discuss about internal happiness , this happiness is the best way to live life . Internal happiness can be like when u want to eat paneer and u get lady finger but from the hands of mother . You will definitely get internal happiness . Internal happiness is not materialistic thing and it is not connected with any other outside agency . This is what we called REAL happiness .

Now I come to our today’s topic how happiness dependant on external factors , so in this full of luxury world and show off age we are getting happiness by external factors only because we don’t know what is internal happiness , nobody knows what is internal satisfaction everyone is chasing happiness only by external means and I am also not disappointed because now a days nobody knows how does fresh air feels , how does conversation with parents effect . This is not the problem because in this money seeking generation we only know happiness by tablet , watching movies and playing games in mobile .

External factors like playing cricket in ground , dancing in programme , listning to your favorite singer can give you happiness a lot . There are so many others factors too who can provide you happiness with harming you like cooking your favorite dish , clicking pictures with your best friends , like having chat with your loving ones .

Life is roaming around two factors happiness and sorrow . These two are complementary to each other if you are getting sorrow then by any means you will get happiness in return of this sorrow . And this fact can’t be denied by anyone .

Happiness can be derived from any external factor if u want to live happy and if you don’t want to be happy no factor I repeat no external internal factor will make you happy .

Life is one so always try to snatch happiness from any adversity must be your motto . Be happy and always try to give happiness to others so that in return you will get happiness and life will be easy to achieve anything by a smiling face .

Happiness is a best way to live life and enjoy life in your way nobody can let you down by any means so smiling face can turn your enemy into your friends .

Life is not easy all time but happiness can give some sort of revive in your life to continue with your work in the manner you were doing .

Take one example of Abraham lincoln , his childhood was not very much full of happiness but by making others smile he got his own happiness and this happiness lead him to the President of great nation USA . This is just one example there are millions of example in the world .

Let us take one more example , a middle class family is more happy than a high class family because middle class family is satisfied with his necessity and they know how much external happiness they get but in a high class family they all are eager for more and more external things because they don’t want to be happy rather than they want to be famous .

So in conclusion there is one thing I want to say that limited things can give you more happiness than more luxuries .


-Adarsh Bajpai

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