Happiness-how Dependent Is It On External Factors

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Happiness is enjoying the little things in life.

Happiness is all about living and being grateful for all things we have. The best part is that we are happy merely by small things that we do, others do, or what we have.

It is absolutely true that happiness does not depend on external factors. On contrary our joy is totally dpendent on ourselves, our inner factors.

The best things in life are free.

As we are all aware in this crucial time of corona virus pandemic, when many nations are destroyed and many people have died, our lockdown itself answers all queries.

We are constantly reminded that the best things to enjoy are free and easily available.

Nothing can make you happy until you’re happy with yourself first.

Let’s see the external factors which are big house, car, lucrative career, immense wealth, property, expensive electronic items, lavish furniture and last but not least excess financial status.

Money cannot buy you happiness.

Ever since we have been in curfew in our homes we realize that nothing external is joyful.

If you cannot go outside, go inside.

When this contagious disease is spreading, people are losing lives, this itself points that being alive is happiness itself. Life cannot be bought, only gift can be. Being able to live, thank god for all he gives us, praying, meditating all are our real sources of joy. Be it siiting indoors with family or playing with kids inside home, cooking and trying new dishes, all are surely so simple but still so satisfying to do.

True happiness is giving it away.

A little smile, some charity, donating food, essential items to needy and even sometimes in this difficult time giving financial assistance to poor, is sufficient to make one happy.

Being indoor, doing yoga and breathing exercises, gardening, watering plants, reading a book, writing , watching Ramayana and marabharat with family, all these truly give one the feeling of doing something creative and innovative. The very essence of knowing that one can change something or do something for society is happiness.

Happiness is homemade.

If we see around us, as we are all in our homes, we appreciate many things. Being with loved ones, not going out, listening to music, chirping of birds, clean waters of rivers, pure atmosphere, view of mountains, no loud sound of horns or vehicles, is a blessing in disguise. We are now giving time to our relationships, enjoying, believing in power of social distancing, maintaining hand hygiene, infection control of entire surroundings and of ourselves.

Our celebrities, stars, people in higher authority, all are continuously spreading word that we be happy, healthy and at home. Picking a new hobby(even reviving an old one) like singing or even playing an instrument – a guitar or violin, watching a movie together after ages at home, above all getting love and affection of family, makes the poorest also happy.

Few days back in our country due to PM , we have done many new things. This all has instilled a sense of unity and togetherness in us all. Be it ringing bells, clapping, or even lighting diyas, candles or using flashlight of mobile, everything so cheap but at the same time so pleasing. All age groups could be seen doing these little activites at the prescribed date and time.To some people sleeping peacefully or playing with pets is itself a joyful task.

If wealth is lost ,nothing is lost

If health is lost, something is lost

If character is lost then everything is lost

April 7 being the health day reminds all that being healthy is the most important gift that we can give individually to ourselves. Definitely if we are healthy only then can we even think of doing anything, else everything seems impossible. Sometimes just enjoying life and not worrying about tomorrow, gives one unbelievable happiness.

Happiness can never be related to external factors. Happiness is all in our minds and heart. If we choose to be happy, we are and if we keep being sad about past events no one can help. Our inner thoughts, our own motivation, decisions, actions and our good deeds for our society, family, country and other human beings actually makes us happy. As long as we live like humans with kindness, sympathy for others, understanding, adjustment, no expectations and above all having inner faith that all is well and in future will also be well, we are bound to be truly happy, successful and healthy overall.

-Isha Rastogi

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