Has the corona virus brought the family together or Has it strained relations?

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Family is not an important thing. Its everything “
Absolutely, corona virus has changed the world, people are facing a lot of
problems like loss of income, loss of job, economy loss, and poor’s are not
able to earn and then feed their families. It is causing many deaths but
deaths are the part of life if you are born then have to die one day. But this
pandemic has made the whole world in his feet. So many countries like
America, China etc. But as comparison to India which is the second most
populated country in the world has taken control on covid -19 and the
whole country is in lockdown but as we known everything has its pros and
cons so corona virus also has one positive effect that’s it has brought
families together.

ï‚· What seemed impossible before, has been achieved by a

There is quote “You leave home to seek your fortune and, when you get it,
you go home and share with your family.” All of them are spending a lot
of time with their families earlier before this pandemic all use to run
behind the carrier as it was their first priority and then second option was
family. Let’s take an simple example- A joint family, with a working man
who goes to office regularly at 8am does hard work in the office and comes
back home at example 9pm and then has to fulfill families requirement,
needs and again have to do the same, so when did he get diverse time to
spend with his family enjoy with them so, is he earning for himself or the
whole family? He often thinks nothing is better than going home to family
and eating food and relaxing with them. When is the last time you spent
good times with your family before this pandemic? My last good time with
family was it’s so difficult to think so.Fmailly is the first school in person’s

ï‚· Isn’t the lock down should extent more?

Yes of course, we would get some more time to spend with our family, as
a student I myself have less time to spend with my family, generally father
goes for work, mom is busy in household chores but due to corona virus I
can enjoy with my family play games ,have fun, again it seems that the
childhood returns. Everyone helps each other a helping nature, loving and
caring nature develops. Learning so much things utilizing time with family
like Gardening, a bit of household chores, cooking, drawing, crafting, anddoodling and so on with mom and grandparents. With the reference of
Corona in family unity has become strong.

A virus taught us something?

A very important lesson that is, enjoy each and every moment with your family which you get it takes no time in breaking of years relation in one day. Make a strong bonding with your family as god has given us the golden opportunity in the form of a virus.
May all families in the world are happy and fighting against corona virus.
So I would like to conclude by saying “Families is the centre of life & It is
the key of eternal happiness”.

-Antra Shukla

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