Has the corona virus brought the family together or it has strained the relations?

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In a Pandemic home is both a heaven and a hot spot of transmission.The challenge will be to distance ourselves physically but not emotionally.Not everyone live with someone else but especially in cities where the population is densely packed and where it is economically burdensome to live alone ,Self isolating means increased proximity to other people –Our Kids,Partners or Roommates.Our Families are our own support system but proximity to other bodies leads to spread of disease particularly in case of Covid-19,the disease caused by Novel corona virus.There are about 7 Coronavirus that causes diseases in human beings among them 4 causes common cold,cough but 3 causes serious problems in lungs.

These include SARS (2002),MERS(2012) ,COVID-19(2019).Covid -19 pandemic confines us to our homes,and this is affecting our intimate relationships.Historically,Epidemics especially those involving quarantines ,have placed huge burdens on intimate relationships,and the transmission of infectious disease within households has often been used to scapegoat the most vulnerable people.Sickness reminds that we are all each other responsibility,but it can be painfully difficult to know how to enact those responsibilities when social distance is first and foremost among them.How do we help people when we need to limit physical contact with them.

To deal with Covid-19 Pandemic Government has announced Lockdown.So majority of population is locked at home.Problem are with workers due to sudden announcement of lockdown they lost there jobs and due to scarcity of money they have to come back to there homes.They are returning to home by foot,on cycles.They are covering a huge distance .They have no money ,no food but only one hope of returning home to meet with there loved ones.

They are avoiding lockdown .For those people that are at home they are managing themselves by doing online work.Online classes have been run for the students.No member of the family is going out for purpose such as education,Job,Bussiness.All are staying at home.As doing the work of home is thought to be a women work,but due to lockdown Males are helping them..They are helping them in kitchens.Kids are also helping there parents.

Family members are getting time for each other.They are discussing with each other.Unity can be seen in family members.They are watching T.V. Shows together.They are fulfilling there hobbies .Nobody has ever thought about such condition that has been imposed us upon by Covid-19.Nobody can ever imagine such a situation that they have to perform all work from home.Prime Minister Narendra Modi Explain term Corona by saying Koi Road Per Na Nikalye.Taali bajana in the honour of Corona warriers announced by our Prime Minister brought family members together .They all enthusiastically participated in this event.

They performed this task as a unit.On april 5 at 9 p.m. closing of lights and lit diyas performed by family member together.These events tie the knot of unity in family members.This is a type of battle by which we are tackling these days .From Past Few Months all of us realise the importance of each of our family member.This epidemic has bring a fullstop on our routinely works.We all are trapped at home.At this condition relationships has got a new life.We all can feel a warmth in relations during this lockdown.We are getting a lot of time for one another.We can solve one another problems.

This Pandemic has taught us that the family is the biggest treasure.Any problem can be easily tackled with the help of each other.Ultimate happiness lie in to be with family.We all are dependent on each other in several ways and this pandemic has shown us our dependence either in the field of business,or academics etc.During the prevailing conditions we realise our duties toward mother earth also.This pandemic has changed our state of mind by thinking positively,and inclination towards good hygiene practices.

We all are become diet conscious too. Majority of Indian families are joint .The closing of colleges,factories,companies lead to the movement of there members to there homes.Now all are at there home.Before the announcement of lockdown declaration all either students,employee,reached there home.This problem unite all of us in a family.So corona pandemic certainly bought family together.

Due to earn money for proper managing ones life everbody was in world of own.But this pandemic has suddenely changed the whole scenario.The most busiest human being now suddenely became workless.Entire humans across the globe has lost its freedom of moving anywhere.They all are confined to there homes.This threat has stopped gatherings in social functions and religious functions .So only the home remains to share ideas and views.

-Savita Malik

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