How big should a family unit be for modern living?

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As belonging to India a country with rich culture,rich diversity,rich history,and many more. where even in the 21st century people still belive in a "big fat family". which make every other nation or country belive that people in India still belive in staying together. there are arond 20% people who still live with a joint i belong to a urban area people here belive to just be "hum do humare do". but back in rural parts of india there are still huge families who stays together.

my family is one of them i belong to a small village named kalyanpur in the state of uttarpradesh. i have a huge family count and the counting is some what around 60-70 people roughly we all stay together we all meet occasinally on family functions. we strongly belive in the sayings" a family which eats together, prays together also stays together". people around us find it difficult to digest that in such an genration we all live together. that does not means we dont have family issues, financial issues but we all manage and each other in any way possible.

there are consequences of having a whole big family which may include dificulties in surviving,people from many of the lower income group find it diffcult to feed there children with a low income which tends the children to work before they become mature enough to handle work loads, poor education or no education is one of the major cause. having too many children or a big family can be challenging for them as well as people from middle income group find it difficult to raise children,there education is the mostg biggest issue for them. and above all that inflammation is the root cause for people to getting diverted toward having a small family.

even the current goverment had started a planning as "hum do humare do" for making people to be aware about family planning and family responsibilities. taking care of sexual responsibilities of each other and having a durational gap between there children. so that children raised should be healthy and parents should understand that in todays era there is no difference between girl child and a boy child.

people should understand having a big family is not just enough having too many children does not solve away all the problems. raising them feeding them and creasting a better tommorow for them is still a major problem. it would be better if people will start working on there relationship on there family planing and find a better way to living. it does not matter if you want to have a small family unit or a big one what matter is awerness about among people with regards to there family.

still from last so many decades there have been a lot of awarness among adults regarding health, education and family planning. still there are people from rural area who wont support such kind of practices. so i think instead of stating or suggesting them to have a small and healthy family. we should focus on making them aware making them understand about the family planning. 

-Kavita Tripathi

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