How can individuals contribute to the growth of a nation’s economy

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Socities can contribute to the growth of a nation’s economy. The recent
pandemic shown tremendous progress in the fields of aurveda and community
medicine. Individuals can purchase goods from the manufacturer. The public
goods produced in the economy is distributed using marketer. Individuals can
write essays on liberalisation and pandemic also. While graduation they can
close the accounts. A person can learn and doing accounts if the student is also
accountable. They can do Import –export licence to china . They can learn
import –export licence in IIT and IIM. Those who perform Import –export
licence to china shall be compulsory unmarried and bachelor. Import –Export
Cess shall be levied to the individuals.
There are many study centres related to Import –export licences. They shall be
named after former MLA ‘s and college principals. Rs 200/-crores shall be given
to those Import- Export study centres in the coming national budget as a part
of the contribution. This year itself those shall be introduced in the college
syllabus . On the job training shall be given in Institutions related to Import and
Export licences. Different trades and skills can be learned in the schools and
colleges related to the Indian Diaspora. Individuals can be act as a domain in
the learning process. Import-Export Cess shall be a boost to the Indian
Today we celebrate the vaccination procedures.Individuals can do health start
–up’s in the “vocal by local” process. People contribute them in the form of
entreprenuerships. The word denotes the high quality index by
professionals.while social distancing social dualism can be eradicated due to
Racism and enquiry. India witness a long tradition of contributing national
leaders in the fields of medicine and agriculture. These areas are soft power
and also highly sophisticated.
We are Indians ,rather Respectfull , indeed powerfull , in all life witnessing to
the continent.our continent asia permits bi-lateral trade in the all areas. Some
of our allergy areas are eradicated using the vaccination process. Ours is a
developmental paradigm. The wrong notion of semi-development in India is
outdated by Indian soft power.Indian soft power can be a contributed area for

many individuals. India is India . nobody compares it with the past dilemmas
.Indians need Indians . Nobody credits itself with the global powers. The solar
start –up’s today is a new area . Indian association in UNO called “
International solar alliance “ is the product of the middle class and their ISM
‘s.We salute our covid warriors. Covid is a new area in economic development
and creative economy . The budget on the next month shall witness the power
of the middle class people in India in eradication of superstitions. Science can
overcome many superstitions in the 21 st century. May Covid be an Inspiration
for that purpose. Science cess shall introduced in public , to eradicate poverty
and unemployment .
Today we attack poverty and unemployment on social dilemmas. Individuals
can be social contributors rather than business –men. Business-people shall be
business minded and also custom wise modern. The UNO salutes the health
workers as a part of the agenda , and they popularise customs in health. Health
is wealth . Wealth is a custom in life. In urban life we vulgarly teach wrong
sides of life. Global pandemic lies in our mind ,if the vaccine is health
promoting. Health lies in health promoting . health workers can be finance
professionals also. Finance cess shall also be introduced in coming budget to
overcome the deficit in revenue. Our revenue of the economy depends on the
contribution of the individuals on the economy. We learn due to enthusiasm.
Our enthusiasm itself contribute to the nation’s economy . We can publish
books . Write articles . Do Yoga. Do Karate and GYM.
Free world with a free mind lead to people freedom. Oh! That world is Our’s ,
our’s also freedom.


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