How Does A Leader Impact The Destiny Of His Country?

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Country- a place where people coming from all walks of life are present. There are rich, poor, middle class and many more, for the development of this place a person –a leader is chosen. This person’s action and decision decides the destiny of his/her country. All across the globe in different continents , in different countries we have leaders , all in different aspects some are in politics ,some in social work , some in other profession , in education and many more . A guide is someone who takes you where you want to be in life but a leader is someone who takes you where you ought to be in life. A country prospers only if the leader its people have chosen is efficient enough for the job. In today’s fast developing world it is necessary for the country and its residents to keep scope with all that is happening in the world whether it be a scientific discovery or any military enforcement. The leader of the country must ensure that his/her citizens not only get basic needs of life but also the best education , training in all fields of sport , jobs , employment, and all that is essential for them to become a guiding light for future generations . A leader is not just the prime minister, the president or any other government official it is you and me, common people like us. Each of us have a leader in us and any change we want to see in our country should start with us. Our actions make us a leader. In our everyday life we live the life of a leader directly or indirectly. There are and were many prominent leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, Bill Gates, and Winston Church chill, Mother Teresa, Sirdar Vallabhai Patel, Baba Amte and many more. India’s history was changed by a common man born in Gujrat named Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi his actions made him a leader today fondly known as ‘Bapu- father of the nation’. He wore a simple dhoti which had no pockets in it but his actions where such that today every pocket in India has a Bapu in it. He clearly lived the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’. It is said that history repeats itself similarly, today a common boy who used to sell tea on railway stations is changing the destiny of his country by making it the most rapidly developing country in culture, science, economy, trade, defence and many other fields our honorable Prime Minster Narendra Modi fondly known as ‘Chowkidar-the protector of India’.

In whatever profession or field you are whoever you are a man or a women remember the quality of leadership does not discriminate between gender you should try your best to be a leader, for your country a shining light which guides people . Even when you are picking up trash thrown by somebody else you are a leader because by doing it you are influencing people looking at you to keep the place clean, to keep the country clean. We all have a leader in ourselves when we keep a place place clean or protect a women from being teased we are a leader protecting women from another Nirbhaya case, when we teach children about our glorious history we are leaders molding our future leaders, when we tell someone not to spit here and there we are leaders trying to prevent another corona virus outbreak. The quality of leadership does not come from birth neither it is inherited it is acquired through our actions and to keep it intact it is essential not to misuse our actions. A leader is a common person like you and me but creates a strong impact on the world.

Leadership is like a stone thrown in a pond whose actions create endless ripples which determine the destiny of a country. Today onwards whenever you see something wrong happening speak, stop the people who are doing it awake the leader inside you because such people do not do bad things because they have the power of doing it they do it because good people remain silent. To awake the leader inside you is a journey of thousand miles but it begins with a single step, are you ready to take that step? Choice is yours! Decision is yours! The ball is in your court decide how you want to bounce it!


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