How does a society gain if more and more women are employed as decision makers?

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“Women are the equal companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacities. She has the right to participate in the minutest details in the activities of man, and she has the equal right to liberty of freedom and liberty with him.”

Pujya Mahatma Gandhiji.

The above quoted saying of Pujya Mahatma Gandhiji is more relevant today then as it was during his lifetime. In the present Indian society or as a whole in the global forum women seclusion is a reality. Women today are not safe either inside their home or are safe outside it. They as a whole, as a gender, are a constant victim of physical, mental and emotional torture at the hands of their opposite gender. The result of the whole trend of women seclusion is, as a whole, is a secluded society led by secluded women. This is so because as a person cannot clap with one hand, so does, a homogenous society without gender equality in it cannot emerge where sex-based discrimination is a reality in the present existing society.

Today, women in general has to face discrimination from the time of his being in her mother’s foetus due to sex based sex selection medical tests whereby the female foetuses are nipped in the bud in the foetus itself to that of being tortured in her youth age while being a girl as she is the victim in most of the cases to constant bullying on the part of her male counterpart. After marriage she is a victim mostly of domestic violence in her in-law’s house and in this regard the perpetrators are mostly led by the male members of the family. At her old age she is a constant victim of abuse and the resultant discrimination at the hands of their young ones and it is led by the male members of the family due to the prevalent male chauvinism in our society. Therefore, the gest of the matter is that, the prevalent patriarchy of our society is mainly responsible for gender-based discrimination in our society, a discrimination whose victims in most of the cases are the female sex of our country. Therefore, it can be rightly said that, the decisions of women’s life during her childhood are taken by her father, after marriage by her husband and again in her old age by her son. Thus, independent decision making still today, is a far cry for the female sex especially as far as our country India is concerned.

Therefore, if we want to establish a coherent society, the very pillars on which this coherent society rests and flourishes, then, the independent decision making of the members of this society irrespective of gender is a must in this regard. On the contrary, the very coherent society that we want to establish will be marked by bohemianism. Moreover, independent decision making must be guided by the fact that decision making in this regard is balanced and is free from ego based and rather it is more based on the fact of ‘live and let live’. This fact of ‘live and let live’ must apply for both the sexes in general. It should be marked by the trend of harmony and coordination between the male and the female sex. Then only our goal of a coherent society will be a reality. In this coherent society all will have equal share of expressing of his or her own will and also an independent way of achieving it. In this way, in the coherent society of ours ‘will not force will be the basis of the state’ as propounded by the English Philosopher, Thomas Hill Green.

At the same time, independent decision making for the female sex should not only be limited only to the realm of politics and political activities. Rather it should engross all the domains of her life, so that, she feels to lead her life in her way without any force or coercion in her path from her male counterparts. With every decision of a decision maker is associated a dimension of freedom which is ancillary to it. Thus, the female sex should also be cautious and careful enough that her this trait of independent decision making does not boomerang on her. If it happens so, then, we will again revert back to a society which will have more anarchy then peace in it. Therefore, life in this society of our hopes and dreams, who’s very corner-stone is independent decision-making rests on a balancing wheel between the male sex and the female sex and in this balancing wheel of our dream society both the sexes makes their journey towards eternity by respecting one another in this journey.

All in all, a society gains if more and more women are employed as decision makers by making this society itself a balanced and coherent one. In this society, every woman will have or in other words will get full potential and opportunity to express as well as to try to achieve her goals of her life. In this regard, with more women as decision makers, it is expected that, such a society will blossom from all arenas of life thereby adding new dimensions to its coherence and its balance on the various gender specific issues. Therefore, women decision makers along with their male counterparts will be like in such a society of ours, the two hands which are involved in a clap and the very sound of this clap will echo among the world being as does a pleasant music does to a human soul. Like a pleasant music it would have a healing effect both for the present generation as well as for the generations to come. The whole process in the long run will have its effects in not only balancing our society but also in balancing the ethos of our society on which it rests and flourishes as a whole


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