How does a society gain if more women are employed as decision maker

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How does a society gain if more women are employed as decision maker.

Khilti Hui kaliya hai betiyaan,

Maa baap ka dard samjati betiyaan,

Ghar ko roshan karti hai betiyaan,

Ladke aaj hai to aane wala kal hai betiyaan

Today women empowerment topic is all around us. Every year 8th march is celebrated as “International Women’s day” across the globe. They have left footprints in every sphere of field. They have created their own identity in this era of developing nations. This auspicious day is celebrated to reward those who have given outstanding contribution in uplifting women’s in the society. Women empowerment does not only provide equality but also social,education and economic rights too.

Despite being a developing nation, still there is a male dominating society. Earlier they were confined within four walls only. With the rise of science and technology, the attitude towards women has not changed. They were confined upto juggling chapatis and nurturing babies. Women are always subjected to physical abuse, rape, mentally harassment, killing for dowry, work place harassment etc for is still believed girls to be someone’s property. They are not given proper and good education as well as a healthy diet as compared to male children.

In rural and urban areas, still there are few who don't have bank accounts on their names. Female foeticide is at an alarming rate. Due to orthodox mindset, girls believed to be a burden on their parents. As per survey, women contribution to GDP (gross domestic production) is 17% much lower than average 37%. they are not paid equal wages than men in the unorganized sector. Many schemes had been launched by the Government of India like Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan, Mudra Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Matru Vanadana Yojana etc. Just to uplift them.

According to statistics, results of higher secondary education proved us that girls scored better and good marks as compared to boys. In higher education institutes like IITs, IIM’s, IIITs and IISc. Most of the seats are filled by girls for their outstanding results in exams. Every year women are renowned by “Nari Shakti Award” either individual groups, institutions, or start up in recognition of their exceptional work towards the cause of women empowerment. Some of the examples are IAF’s first woman fighter pilot Mohan Jitarwal, Avani Chaturvedi, Sangeeta Kumari and Sushmita Kumari for driving auto rickshaws from Airport. Arif Jan who hails from Jammu and Kashmir enclosed more 25 Kashmiri artisans and trained women. The award was given by the President. Theme of this was “I am generation equality, realising women’s rights”.

Last but not the least if more and more women are employed. They will not only help in decision making but in nurturing the economy's growth. Today they are moving shoulder to shoulder with men. They are not only aware of their fundamental rights but are also capable of taking decisions. They are not confined to the status of wife only rather seen as entrepreneurs. If more women are educated, more will be employed and if more women are employed, the graph of the economy will start rising. Women play a significant role in society. Without their existence one cannot expect sustenance of life on this watery planet earth. They make coalescence with the man in every arena. The efforts made by women are appreciable that has not only raised the financial level of home but also of the economy. This would bring  our nation into new upswing. Besides standing on her feet, now she is able to make best decisions regarding her personal, financial, educational life. As it is rightly said: “ Educating a woman, educating the whole nation”. More women are educated, best policies will be adopted by them.

-Pallavi Seth

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