“How important is it to maintain ethics in politics?”

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The realm of politics has a multifarious effect on the psychology of
those who are being governed. In this regard, it can be said that the ruler and
the ruled under a political system are interrelated and intertwined together by
the tenet of ethics. Thus, politics without maintaining ethics is a disaster. In
other words, the arena of politics can certainly derail if, it is devoid of the
principles of ethics. Hence, the guiding mantra of politics is certainly in
maintaining ethics. Therefore, politics and maintaining ethics in it are an
inalienable and inseparable part of it.

With regard to maintaining ethics in politics, it can be said that the
first and the foremost ethical consideration for a politician running a
government is that he must have respect for the common masses as ruled by
him. The common masses must find their leaders as one on whose advice they
find solace. Moreover, there must be a bridge between the leaders who govern a
country and the common masses coming under his ambit of governance. This
bridge between the two should be marked by mutual trust and understanding.
If, this mutual trust and understanding are lost between the ruler and the ruled
then, the doomsday for that particular country is not far away.

Thus, both the ruler and the ruled must have empathy for one
another. The prism through which the ruler sees his governance and what he/she
observes through it, the same situation or observation must be of the common
masses when they look through the same prism. In other words, the bird’s eye
view of politics for a politician in a particular country must be similar to that of
the common masses as he/she rules. All in all, in the journey of politics in a
country, ethics must be the guiding spirit. A spirit that drives the ruler of that
particular country towards probity and sanity. This will make ethics an
inseparable part of the political journey of that country.

Coming specifically in the context of our own country, India it
seems that the country of wise leaders like King Ashoka, Emperor Akbar, Pujya
Mahatma Gandhiji etc., of the past, has at present it appears has seen voidness,
as far as, politics and political leadership are concerned. Today, money power,
muscle power, and mafia rule has become an inseparable part of Indian
politics. Politics today seem for many Indians as a dirty game. Thus, ethics in
Indian politics has taken a back seat. The consequent result is the emergence of

violence and anarchy in the emerging political scenario of the country. This
scenario of violence and the consequent disbelief makes the arena of politics
murkier and murkier,
Thus, most of the common people of our country see their politicians
with a doubtful eye. The reason for this is the deep maligning of politics which,
is certainly devoid of ethics. In other words, if we want to rejuvenate our
political system then, the only way to do so, is to reinvigorate and reintegrate it
with ethical values. The same values used to guide leaders in the past
when politics was not as murkier as today. Therefore, the present generations of
Indians need to reinvent the ethical considerations that are relevant to the
present era of politics.
When, we will be able to merge politics and ethics together especially,
in our own motherland India then, the golden era of politics in our country will
remerge itself. An age where there is peace and progress. An age that adjures
violence and anarchy rather, ushers in an age of probity and purity in the realm
of politics. The same must be value-laden. What is lacking in the specific
context of our country, India is I believe, the willpower of both the ruler and
the ruled to be the torchbearer of bringing in ethical values in politics. The
‘chalta hai” approach of we Indians would cut no ice in this regard.


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