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How Important is that PT/ sports class in school ?

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School is our second home. We study in play schools and KG .As time runs out we are promoted to high classes. PT /sports are important. In school we need many extraordinary activities. Physical education is in syllabus.There is a teacher for these activities. Students aptitude in sports is a must. Yoga is included in syllabus. Health clubs and amenity centers are part of carriculam.

Our health is important. For active and healthy school functioning PT is vital.

There is sports quota in schools and colleges.Different achievements in Sports are a monument in life.Our health is nurtured . Smaller pupils need more attention. Some of the schools and colleges have grounds. They are graded on sports also. Sports meet increase physical education. Body building is a part of international schools syllabus. 

Khelo India is a part of syllabus. We need patience to cover our needs . In society all are not equal. Some students learn by survival and malnutrition. Some belongs to rich . It is a misunderstanding that rich man's food is poor man's poison.  Something but nothing is school without  sports and PT. School syllabus  is a part of patriotism & heritage.Children like school due to treasured memories. Life long achievement we have in sports. 

In sports also we have friends. The friendship value we talk is out of syllabus.Our belongings are assets. Some people have residents nearby to campus.Some have boarding. Anyway hostel is a benefit for imparting physical activities. Sports are a blessing. Our health is vital . It is a vast area for next generation. 

Volley ball/Base ball / Cricket/ Badminton/ Tournaments / School Clubs /Hockey etc. Initiate all round developments. Sports management/Sports medicine are popular in turnover. Today we keep health. Tomorrow we lack arrangements. We are the famous sports man spirit and stars for Role Models. In sports there are many role models. National judo champion is a role model. There are facilities for sports.  In sports we rely more on parents . They are models for tomorrow's generation.Technology is a factor in sports and health / lifestyle management.

-Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil

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