How important is that PT/Sport class in school?

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In common parlance it is stated as –” Padogelikhogebanoge nawab, khelogekudogebanogekharab”. (“If you would read and write you would become a monarch but, if you would engage yourself in games and sports you would detoriate in life”). In the present socio-economic scenario, the above mentioned saying seems to a large extent rudimentary and a thinking which is certainly out of date. In this context we need to re-invigorate and rethink about our approach regarding PT/Sport. In this analysis, the below mentioned three perspective seems to hold ground.

  1. Importance of PT/Sport class in schools from the perspective of guardians :-

While engaging one’s wards in PT/Sports the fundamental concern of the guardians seems to be that PT/Sport is going to be a free time luxury and mostly not a career. In this regard, the saying ‘read while you read and, play while you play’ seems to hold relevance. At the same time, studies have always been a first choice for the guardians. Guardians most of the time find PT/ Sport as a risky proposition in schools. The very mindset of most of the guardians of these school going pupils is the fear of getting grievous hurt while practising PT/Sport. Yes, it is true that the development of sports medicine is at its nascent stage in most of the nook and corner of the country. Therefore, the crippling effect of getting hurt and the life thereafter of the victim mostly deters the guardians to engage their wards in PT/ Sport.


  1. Importance of PT/Sports from the perspective of pupils:-

                                For the holistic and all-round development of pupils it is utmost necessary that, they along with studies they engage themselves with PT/Sports. It is certainly true that, if studies can give them name and fame then PT/Sports can also give them social recognition along with name and fame. The pupils can think of their holistic development by bringing all the arenas of life including the arena of PT/Sport in their life. Pupils should be cautious about their choice of PT/Sports. Here cautious means including those PT/Sports which fits their personality and interest. No one should force them to join PT/Sports classes if, they are not inclined to them. At the same time, those pupils who like a particular PT/Sports then their parents should certainly encouragedthem to join them. Sports injury is a part of a sportsman’s life but it should not be a deterrent in his life. Here, in this regard, it is the need of the hour to develop sports medicine itself, for the new ever-growing sportsman.

  1. The relevance of school administration in developing PT/Sport: -

Here, it is pertinent to mention that PT/Sport as a part of school curriculum is of pivotal importance. It certainly holds an extra relevance in a student’s life. At the same time, school administration should not usurp PT/Sport classes among the pupils. Here will of the pupils should prevail over force or compulsion. School administration should encourage their pupils to mushroom and develop PT/Sport in schools by encouraging them and not by being the pedagogic instructions of the pedantic teacher. Coupled with it, the school going pupils must use the freedom that they get by engaging in PT/Sport constructively and by adopting a holistic approach.

                                        All in all, the pupils in schools must get ample opportunity by adopting a balanced relation between PT/Sport and the academic life. PT/Sport in this competitive world holds extra relevance in modern life. It can certainly bring in glory for a nation. PT/Sport has the potential of becoming the pathfinder of a happy and prosperous life. In a nutshell, along with studies, PT/Sports must be given its due share that it deserves in school curriculum. In the long run, it too can form a way ahead in making our country healthy. In the times to come, it is of utmost necessity to make PT/Sport a part and parcel of modern life for all and the sundry.


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