How important is that PT/sports class in school?

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True education should aim at developing the all round personality of child. Physical activity is as necessary to children as food and sleep.Children should be good at Academic Performance as well as co curricular activities.

Sports should be given importance at school level as it works towards the child's overall benefit including general and mental health that is overall brain development and physical development. Earlier more importance were  given to grades rather than any extra curricular activities. But since then education system has been changed and no more focus is given on holistic development of students. To make students all rounders , schools are giving equal importance on sports and academics. Students need to keep a balance between sports and education to excel in both the fields.

While children spend long hours studying, their physical activity becomes restricted. This causes a huge constraint on their health. Poor fitness and physical health can be a big disadvantage in a child’s growth. Thus, engaging in sports activities allows children to dive into physical exercise which is helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Key Benefits Of Sports in Education

Sports is not only a recreational activity for children to stay active, but it also results in improving their academic growth.

The benefits of sports for students include

* Improves their self-esteem,

*developing interpersonal social skills

*Builds qualities of team spirit and      leadership

*Health Benefits Builds healthy bones and muscles

*Improves Social Skills

*Encourages Teamwork

*Maintain good fitness level

*make students emotionally strong.

It also helps in

  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development 
  • Leadership Skills
  • Patience and Perseverance
  • Discipline
  • Mental Growth 
  • Improved Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Better Academic Performance

·         Healthier Heart.

·         Reduced Stress and Anxiety.

·         Diverse Social Connections.

·         Reduced Risk of Diabetes.

·         Reduced Body Fat.

·         Sleep Better.

·         Lower Blood Pressure.

It is believed that when children engage themselves in activities that synchronise with their individual interests, it results in enhancement of their psychosocial development. This not only helps in learning several beneficial activities, but also allows them to express themselves, self-discover and become an independent individual with morals and values. 

Academic learning and sports education always complements each other. They are just the two sides of the coin.

These days, the educational system makes the students stress more on their mental growth thus ignoring the physical activities. The overall consequence of this leads to weak bodies and poor physique. The school syllabus should include sports, games and physical health education for the overall development of the students. We often come across many children who are good at sports, but not so good at studies. So, for such students who don’t have that much interest in studies can make their career in sports as they value the importance of games in student’s life.


School sports came to an abrupt halt during the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic.  This has impacted adolescents' health, who were otherwise generally active in sports in their school, is examined in new research.

Consequently, the mental and physical health of students was adversely affected during these tines. Most likely leading the youth to engage in passive activities and increase the prevalence of childhood obesity and the risk of cardiometabolic disease.

It is the responsibility of schools and institutions to train all the students in different games right from the primary section. It is true that books develop our mind, but games develop our body too. Games are the best media to help children reach new heights, be it scoring good marks in exams, be it staying fit and healthy, or be it completing the syllabus. Apart from education, games also provide mental, physical, and psychological development of a student. To bring up a healthy spirit of competition among the students, to build up decision-making skills, and also to ensure the all-rounder personality of a student – games, and sports have been introduced and are applicable now in every school and colleges.

The researchers found that sports participation during the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with significant mental and physical health benefits in adolescents; those who returned to sport participation  reported lower anxiety and depression symptoms and higher physical activity levels.

Children nowadays use only devices like laptops and mobile as they have to attend online classes due to pandemic issues.This has made them addicted towards usage of mobile and they don’t have enough physical activities and sports. It should be the responsibility of all the schools to help children indulge in sports activities or exercise and  yoga classes.That would be very beneficial to them not only in scoring academically but also they will be physically healthy and mentally fit and strong.

-Dr.Reshma Bhat

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