How important is that PT/sports class in school?

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India the second largest country in terms of population and seventh largest country in terms of area is 48th in terms of winning olympic medals what might be the reason for this double digit number is it the contribution of gdp to sports is less or else lack of awareness among people regardling sports these both might be one among the reasons but the major reason is not playing sports since childhood here i could remember the quote ‘where you stand always depend upon where you sit’ which exactly apt in this context because expecting number of medals without playing sports since childhood is ridiculous because sports not only helps in getting medals but also helps in various manner as follows;     

                                                                                                                                        Enhances social relationships , helps to become emotionally strong as victory and defeat are part of game, Helps in building skill, career as sports where best examples are rahul dravid and anil kumbe, sports also make body fit where obesity became serious problem now  several kinds of research shown that children who indulge in sports and physical activities are less likely to be involved in crime .

  Generally parents think that education as the best career option where studying for hours will make student well settled in future this might be correct to some extent but not completely because now-a-days pressure on students were being increased which led to many student suicidals and also another serious problem which occurred due to busy curriculum in school is myopia where recently there was an article in hindu news paper regardling this problem which stated that one in 30 children were suffering with this problem which will be tremendously increased by 2030 where in this globalized world where people running over their goals where a human life became very hectic due to lot of pressures  its high time already to search for an alternative for relaxation and physical activity is the best one.                            

we need not surprised even if sports in school curriculum becomes a fundamental right which had already mentioned in hindu news paper where sc is in thought to make sports as fundamental right.


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