“How important is to maintain Ethics in politics?”

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First of all, what is ethics? Ethics means rules and regulations, principles or a systmatic way to execute processes. We need ethics everywhere because without rules and regulations, we can't even start anything. Ethics are basically the good rules or principles by which we can stop partialty or such inequality based issues. Nowadays, people are doing the things according to their own wish, they never thought about right or wrong, that is ethics. So there is a need to tell them that, do things according to rules and regulations. Now, why we need rules? The answer is - we need rules so that no one can cheat others, the things can go smooth without any discrimination or inequality. If we take an example - if we are talking about games that if a game has no rules and regulations so, what will happen? People will suggest their own ideology, their own rules about that game. And in some case, someone can do cheating also, so here we need ehtics or in other words rules and regulations.

Now, the second question arrises that ehtics are important in politics also? Yes, obviously they are important. If we take an example - some politicians joins a party from starting and if their party start coming down, they leave that party and joins another. So this is wrong because, if a person is there in a party and because of his/her party is coming down, he/she leaves that party. This should not be there. To stop this, we need to apply ethics in that. There should be laws made for these type of situations. From here we got that ehtics are also important in politics. If we take another example of politics - a political leader is delivering the speech and he/she is abolishing the image of another political leader. Sometimes they started counting their mistakes and the works they skipped. This should not be there. Each and every person must be respected, they all are having their own self respect and no one has the right to abolish anyone's image. Here ehtics comes. All political leaders should respect each other. They cannot say anything openly about anyone. A person should think about the good decisions about ourself and about others also as possible as theycan make.

Now, again the question arrises that, how we can apply this ethics or how we can maintain ethics in politics? If we take an example of Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of Congress party who fought for our nation, helped us to gain freedom from Britishers. He was also in politics and he started the movement named Satyagraha. Basically, Satyagraha means fight for truth or to appeal for truth. He beleived that, "by non-violence we can get freedom then, why we need voilence?" And yes, it can possible, we can get everything, we can do everything by non-violence, but the thing is that it depends on us that, what we need 'voilence or non-violence'. And after we got freedom. So this example tells us that, in politics also we can apply ehtics. Non-violence including the right way on which Gandhiji moved towards freedom, under rules and regulations. And according to our nation this is all ethics. So in politics also we should take lesson or we must move on the path on which the great personalities moved, in the past. Everywhere there must be ethics because nowadays, people are just involves in corruption and all moving on wrong path. If we talk in logical manner that, for people politics is just become a source of income, increasing identity and to be more popular among others leaders. They all forget the basic meaning that, 'why there should be politics'? They can do anything but rules, manners, laws, in short they must work under ehtics. Means the good path as well as good step towards the welfare of people

- Vaishali Soni

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