How useful is celebrating festivals for human society?

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India, being the land of festivals, comprising various religion, culture and traditions have served all people to their full health through the tool of celebrating festivals. Festivals have made us stronger to resist weather changes, made us physically, mentally, socially and spiritually healthy. Recently we celebrated republic day, one of the national festivals. All people celebrated the festivity by viewing the tableaus of various states and various cultural and traditions, dances of our country.

Life is all about maintaining mental peace, happiness and good health. Culture, beliefs, traditions, social interaction- these all keep us happy and build a strong inner power within us. This can be achieved through the celebration of festivals. Festivals are an expressive way of celebrating our culture, traditions and heritage. There are numerous festivals celebrated in India. Each festival has its own history, story, meanings and more. While celebrating these festivals we create changes in the external environment around us thus creating new changes within us to move towards the future. For example, during Diwali, we light diyas and lamps externally and light up our spirits within to improve our life internally. Festivals – a tool for social cohesion, are the special moments we celebrate with our family. Festivals create unity in our family and connect us to society.

Social benefits to society

Festivals improve our social health. People interact during their celebrations. They enjoy with their family and also connect with others .thus creates new relations and improves social wellbeing.

Psychological benefits to society

Festivals no doubt improve the mental health of each and every one. It creates feelings of happiness and special moments. It connects us to people and makes us stronger. It relieves us from the monotony of life. They act as stress relievers and help us balance our emotions. It removes the negativity in our life naturally. It creates positive vibes all around improving our mental health by creating good hopes.

Improvement of physical health of society

Festivals are celebrated for various reasons. For example, usually in the festival of Ugadi, we are said to eat neem leaf and jaggery. Scientifically this is beneficial as during this time viruses and bacteria are more due to weather changes. Neem has antiviral and antibacterial properties hence can improve our immune system to defend against foreign bodies making us stronger. Similarly, during Pongal we eat sesame jaggery sugar candies. These are beneficial to our physical health too.

Economy booster

When we celebrate festivals we attract visitors and money is been spent on these activities for fun and enjoyment. So money matter come into existence.

Festivals on the current scenario

It is the responsibility of each one of us to follow all the guidelines to be safe and protected along with festival celebrations. During pandemic situations, it is true to have fewer benefits due to restrictions. Social benefits can be less but surely festivals can build you strong inside mentally to prepare to face the future.





-Rashmi Bhat

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