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India and USA Relationship on Smart Cities, Comment

Now a days the world itself is moving with smartness. One of the parameters to measure a country's development is based on the possession of the smart cities. Smart in this sense implies that the city should be able to get all the amenities. For example we are having Smart phones which are Wifi enabled, USB enabled, camera, big screen for better vision, HD clarity, retina display etc. These features help to stay in touch with our friends, parents and entire global information is within our hands anytime and anywhere with blistering speed.

A country is said to be smart when it is able to give great competition to the global challenges in the sectors of education, digital technologies, transport, economy, research, social and cultural development. Simply smartness should help the mankind for easy way of living.

Now world population is 7 Billion and it is likely to be doubled within 20years and thus the utility of such resources increase. In order to manage that much of complexity we have to be smart. Making cities smart helps in reducing the productive cost and apt way of resource utility.

As we know "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND" Everybody needs help from other people, so our prime minster Mr. Narendra Modi with a focus to make some of our cities smart, he joined his hands with US president Mr. Barak Obama. We prefer to have links with USA as it is the bunch of developed states and a bundle of smart cities. Respecting our request, he then visited our India to discuss the agenda on development of defence forces, investment in civilian nuclear sectors and to build SMART cities. And in that a first step was initiated to develop 100 cities, so a memorandum of understanding (MoUs) has been signed in the presence of union minister of urban development Mr.M Venkaiah Naidu. For a kick start three cities have been chosen to develop as Smart cities - Ajmer, the city with large Muslim population; Allahabad, for its Hindu pilgrimage centre and Vishakhapatnam, being the victim of Hud - Hud cyclone. A task force team has been appointed to prepare the action plan for the development in the next three months to overcome the incipient troubles.

So many wise decisions have been taken to develop our life style, nature, thinking abilities but for some reason they are not implementing correctly, so for the smartness we have to start anew. An open innovation process should be considered.

Main important features to be taken care of include agriculture and economy. Though India was the 2nd largest in the farm output and 10th largest in its economy wise but it is not sufficient. Development has to be done in a strategic manner. Without a plan we cannot win or we cannot foresee our result. So by the action plan we can reach our destiny by hook or crook.

Every city cannot be made smart; it should meet certain factors like climatic conditions, transport facilities, population, etc, to be eligible for being a smart city. Technology wise people with broad vision should be given great opportunities so that they can truly deploy it in smarter ways as possible.

In order to achieve a smart city the citizens should be responsible and should act like sensors, volunteers, reporters and informers. Individual should become smart by making their surroundings smarter. The major change should come INDIA - USA.

M S R Prasanth

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