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India and USA Relationship on Smart Cities, Comment

The recently visit of Mr. Barack Obama to India has created history in many senses. Mr. Obama visited India twice and he was the first president of America came to India on the proposal made by the prime minister of India. He came to India on 25 Jan to attend the parade of republic day on 26 of jan2015.

There are several important decisions were taken but the most important is smart city development the smart city project was announced by the prime minister during his election campaign. Mr. Obama has agreed to provide necessary requirement for the smart city development there are three cities are chosen for the development namely Ajmer, Vishakapatnam and Allahabad.

These cities were developed with the help of an organization called USTDA (united state trade and development agency). This USTDA will provide necessary fund for the smart city project and also provide smart city solutions and also there will be a task force which consist of three member one from the USTDA two other from the state government and central government. This task force will discuss about the smart city project requirement and appropriate revenue model for enabling the flow of investment.

First of all we need to know about that what a smart city is.
A smart city is the city that uses the technology efficiently on all the functions of the city including various sectors like health, energy, infrastructure and many more.
Practically a smart city gives the faster response as compared to that one which is running on the conventional technology.
There are various definitions have been given about the smart cities some of these are:-
According the smart city council "A smart city is one that has digital technology embedded across all city functions".
According to the IEEE smart cities "A smart city brings together technology, government and society to enable the following characteristics: smart cities, smart economy smart mobility, smart people, smart living and smart governance."

For the smart city there are some key points to implement that a smart city should economically driven means the smart city should driven with proper management and future planning before it is practically implemented .The planning is the first and the foremost requirement of any successful project.

The another thing is that smart city uses the technology that has developed in the respective country so that the unemployment rate should be reduced and more young professionals use their skills.

The US India relationship has come where both the countries have to look forward for their future planning and this is the time of rising public and private sector interest in deploying big data, technology and infrastructure to meet the demands of the future technology.

According to the US estimation there will be the requirement of the 400million additional resident in cities by 2050.To fulfill the requirement of the cities and their needs, cities should be "smarter" and this can be achieved by only smart cities technology.

Piyush Malviya

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