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India Pakistan peace process, hype or realism

The relationship between India and Pakistan have uncongenial relationship since India and Pakistan are divided and got independence in 1947.

Pakistan has been treating India as worst enemy since the two countries got their independence. Both the countries got separated from individual India prior to independence. Since both the countries evolved from the same mainland hence India and Pakistan live like two sons of same mother. There must be affectionate relationship between India and Pakistan.

Unlike, friendly and brotherly relationship between these two countries, there developed a better relationship between them. Nobody precisely knows why the relationship between the two countries is worsening day by day and what are the factors, which make the relationship even the worse.

What are the forces acting to make the relationship worst?

Why the Pakistan government to seem to be uninterested in improving the relationship?

What ISI (Inter-services Intelligence of Pakistan) of Pakistan always stands on the way of peace process between the two neighboring countries?

Why the ISI of Pakistan and Pakistani army looking forward to push the Pakistan based terrorists to harm India?

Why there are always minor and major terrorist attack India? Probably only Pakistan government ISI and Pakistan army know why.

Pakistan attacked India in 1965 and got defeated very badly. Again, Pakistan attacked Bangladesh in 1971, and India helped Bangladesh and Pakistan was defeated once again and Bangladesh was liberated.

In fact, Bangladesh which was known as East Pakistan evolved as an independent country in 1971.

It may be because of these two defeats in the hands of India Pakistan developed a bitter feeling against India.

Through, India has forgotten all the past bitterness and trying to be friendly with India, in both the countries favour and to avoid all kinds of harm to lives and properties in both the sides.

Many a time India tried to bring the relationship to normalcy and Pakistan too seemed to be eager to improve the relationship but the outcome happened to be a disastrous one like 9/11, Pathankot attack.

It seems that Pakistan is not willing to improve relationship with India. It is obvious from the fact that most of the wanted like Dawood Ibrahim,Hafiz sayed and others are still sheltered by Pakistan and Pakistani army. They are living a free and comfortable life as if Pakistan is a heaven for them.

Despite of the proofs handed over by the Indian government were rejected by the Pakistan government saying those proofs to be insufficient. This shows that Pakistan is taking the advantage of liberal policy of India.

India always favor the peace process with talk and talk which seems to be an unending and irresolute process. India is always optimistic to solve problems peacefully.

India comes forward with talk and Pakistan with bullets under the grub of non-state agents (i.e various terrorist groups).

The Indian politics and political leaders are also able to some extend responds for this. Besides, this the liberal laws of India against terrorism also contribute towards worsening the situation. Every regional political leader thinks to be the owner of that particular state and does everything which adds to his favour without paying even the least heed to the common people.

In fact, all these happen because of all the lack of understanding between the state government and the central government. Hence, India Pakistan peace process seems to hyper and far-far away from realism.

-Abhinab Boruah

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