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India Pakistan peace process, hype or realism

India and Pakistan, the two largest countries of the south East Asia and also the largest economies of the region are seen by the world as the arch-rivals. This problem started since 1947 when Pakistan was separated from India before getting independence from the British rule. Pakistan was created on the demand of Muslim organizations for a separate country for the Muslims because they feared that Muslims will be minorities in India and their demands and necessities will not be look after in the near future by the Indian govt. But the scene is that, today the Muslim population of India is greater than Pakistan and the standard of living of the India Muslims is also better than the Pakistani counterparts.

The main issue of conflict between India and Pakistan is the Kashmir issue. When India and Pakistan were divided, Kashmir was in hands of a Hindu ruler and Kashmir wanted to stay independent, so it neither went to Pakistan nor to India. But after partition Pak army and militants attacked Kashmir for annexation. So Raja Hari singh, the then ruler of Kashmir took help of India on an agreement with Indian Govt which have few conditions.

After that according to the agreement India also send it�s Army in Kashmir and started throwing away the Pakistani militants from Kashmir. After that, the issue was taken to UN and on the UN order that war was stopped and the then positions of India and Pak was considered as the LAC.

But since then there is always have been a conflict between two countries over the LAC. Pak always violate the ceasefire and starts shilling on border and in response India also do the counter action.

Since Independence India and Pakistan has been engaged in 5 direct or indirect wars, but still the issue is not resolved.

Since then many govts changed in both India as well as Pakistan but the issue is still the biggest issue of dispute between two. Since then many times the peace talks has been arranged by the govts but every time because of the Pakistan�s loose approach these peace talks turns unfruitful.

A peace talk was arranged by Atal Bihari Vajpayee govt after which there was a Kargil conflict between two countries.

In recent times two such meetings between these two countries have been cancelled. First was canceled because of the Pakistan�s move of meeting the Kashmiri separatist leaders before the NSA'S meeting and recently the meeting between the NSA�S was postponed after the pathankot air base attack in which there was a clear hand of the Pakistani terrorists.

India's stand is that talk and terrorism cannot go hand in hand. In the many previous attacks there are hands of Pakistani terrorists whether it is parliament attack in 2001, Mumbai attack in 2008, Gurudspur attack or Pathankot recently.

And these terrorists are trained by Pakistani army officials. India always gives evidence against those terrorists to Pakistan for action but the Pakistan move on these matters is very disappointing.

It seems that Pakistan govts don�t have anything to say in their policies, everything is controlled by the Pakistan Army which is holding the govt from the backdoor. So in such environment it don�t seems that India Pak peace talk is any realism at present or in near future.

-Rahul Upadhyay

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