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Indian Agrarian economy is in shambles, what are its fault lines.

"The real heart of Indian is to be found in its villages." The statement is appropriate in connection with modernization of agriculture. The development & the balanced growth of economy cannot be achieved only by individual but by the development in agriculture. In fact major portion of our population is engaged in agriculture & allied occupations. However we depend on rainfall & manual labour for growing our crops. Consequently our agricultural productions are very low & we are not able to progress with other developed nations.

The rural development can be possible only with the increase in farm productivity. To overcome the problems in agriculture we should educate our farmers in modern methods of cultivation & farming. We have to apply agricultural research & use better seeds, manure & fertilizers. At the same time we should be aware of disadvantages of chemical fertilizers & prefer to use natural fertilizers such as cowdung, organic manure etc. Most of our farmers are illiterate & hence we must make special efforts to educate them, so that they can understand the importance of modernization.

Recently our government has encouraged farmers to use modern equipments such as tractors, threshing machines, seeds etc. to increase the production. Modern concepts of genetic engineering, marketing of agricultural products through internet, hybridisation of seeds are applied now-a-days.

It is obvious that the government had made all the efforts to improve the condition of rural development & agriculture in the past. But the economic inequalities in the rural area are wide & glaring. So agricultural development should go hand in hand with industrial development. Subsidies & loans should be given to farmers to buy modern equipments & manures. Agro-based industries should be encouraged & incentives should be given to new research. Farmers are facing now-a-days problems such as irregular monsoon situation, less prices for the product due to trading agents, marketing problem etc. As a result the farmers have become loan waivers.

Now-a-days farmers are reeling under the burden of loans & they commit suicides. The root of this problem is in poverty. The abolition of poverty is possible only if the politicians consider the gravity of the problem. The politicians & leaders in the government should undertake & implement "radical measures to distribute equal pattern of land & other productive assets in rural area" as maintained by an eminent economist. Union agricultural minister. Honarable Sharad Pawar has recently announced 'Loan Waiver Scheme' for the farmers. But who & how many farmers & farm workers will be benefited. It is also observed that this kind of relief becomes habitual for some idlers & opportunists.

India is an agricultural country & majority of population resides in the countryside. Modernization of agriculture will surely improve the economy of villages. No programme can be successful unless participation of the people concerned. The farmers must be made feel a sense of new project, their involvement in the politics to elect the representatives having good character. Their awareness will surely make the rulers of this country to be aware of their responsibilities in this regard. The farmer should also understand the importance of family planning. Our government must give priority to the problems such as abolition of poverty, population control & modernization of agriculture.

Pranjalee P. Dhere

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