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Indian Awards System, like Padma Award and Bharat Ratna Award. Discuss

The theme of the subject inspires the spirit of services rendered to the society and in turn to the country were acknowledged by the Government for their conviction and dedication .The service to others is indeed commendable and appreciable. As it is the right context to glorify the idiom "Service to Human is service to God". Believing the faith on service to the society by sacrificing their personal life and designation which immensely draws public applause.

The Government of post-Independent India after attaining freedom from the glitches of imperial British thought to constitute awards for eminent persons those who are excelled in their fields and whose morals carry high esteem in public domain and integrity are unquestionable. The awards conferred to the eminent personalities is not mere function but it will lit up the passion and devotion to the service of nation. This act will spur the service to the nation and also inspires the generations of people.

The Government of India constitutes so many committees for conferring awards annually on Republic day i.e on 26th January every year from 1954 onwards. The "BHARAT RATNA" is recognised as the highest civilian award conferred to the eminent vignettes who in his capacity served the nation in the best among others. The services rendered by the posthumous persons are also recognised by the Government of India. The "BHARAT RATNA" award was not only conferred to Indian citizens but also foreign dignitaries whose services are valuable enlighten the humanity.

In line with that the fourth civilian award "PADMA SRI" for the dignities that rendered outstanding services in their field with acumen in knowledge and wisdom. The award carries no amount of rupees but carries special perks associated to it. These awards are widely acknowledged as fourth highest civilian award for their services. The procedure in which selecting the vignettes for conferring awards follows old patterns which was laid by the previous governments.

The awards system created the impression in the public domain that it was politicalized and misinterpreted. The awards conferred to ineligible personalities whose conduct was rotten in public domain and his/her credentials are below par for the required one. There are recommendations submitted by the various committees and open debate forums listed in their reports and submitted to the government that will enhance the credibility and probity of the awards system.

There are recommendations disclosed below in which recommended by the committees .The foremost among them current department which supervises and conducts awards ceremony functions under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Home Affairs, should be detached. The department should be provided more administrative and financial autonomy in all its day to day matters. The outmoded rules and procedures should be revamped and revitalized. The selection procedure for the awards should not be done under shrouded secrecy but it should opaque and done in transparent manner.

In line with that cash memo should be increased for all the awards. And also the public should have a say in that without any further question. Henceforth I honestly believe the above recommendation will have a good impact on whole process and enhance faith and credibility in public domain.

Lastly, I repose all my conviction on government to embolden their stand in rising up the morals and ethics through its actions.

Dwarkanadha Reddy

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