Is being vegetarian the way to go for the world ?

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The world is in a warfare aganist diseases also problems. The only hope is vaccines that arise from a scientific temper . India is unique in the world . The vast range of acivities may include ayurveda , sidha ,unani , homeo medicines . They are sidelined as contributions to the world. The vegetarian food in India is a custom . We all have health problems. The western culture imparted in India is a hurde aganist culture. vegetarian food contains stuff that reduces health problems . it reduces weight , pressure,cholestrol and sugar.I heard the world vegetarian twice in my life .One is as vague .The other from a ayurvedic hospital .the human immunity system works from food system.

Today vegetarian is the food of the poor people .There are poor ,in India also poverty besides development in upper income nations. The poverty problem arise from pre-independence periods.The world has a model.We must keep our health in order. For the world , even mental problems are a side feature of vegetarian food. if we eat less ,the chance of being sick is less.The lust of life comes from food also. The elements of food deficiency come from inadequate and improper supply of food supplements.

vegetarian food taken by thrice a day is the way to go for the world. India has a domain in the world. Yoga is based on vegetarian food. Vegetarian food eliminates bad blood from the body. Yoga for the world is ,way to go for the world. Bill gates seldom eats vegetarian food . It is a universal phenomenon.Rich man's vegetarian food is a medicine for the world. All the hurdles in sustainable development ,can be extended to tanthric and yogic practices.All meditations include vegetarian food in their agenda.Anyway the agenda of the Landalords become victorious.

Simplicity is the greatest unity in the world. Quiet movements are life's rewards.|" Bring nature to our custody .It will exploit the humans " . Capital is a coward says eminent medical scientists. Most of the scientists of world suggest fasting and the vegetarian food for medical fitness and energy saving. Our hope in health is health is wealth. Due to vegetarian food , our health is restored. Our health abuse can be restored ,due to stroke and admissions. Our hope depends on abuse and restorations.

Obesity is the due causes of the non-vegetarian food stuff's. Western culture and the dilemmas are pre-determined. All coco-cola drinks are monopoly's in -house R & D , and when they are made shut -down, it is the way of the world ,to go for the INDIA." The world can live without India , Can India live without the world " ?. Today in India (India Today ) ,the above Quotation is sub-standard. India is a manufacturing hub today. Some of the Doctoral theses in Economics are sub-standard ,due to the absence of sustainable development thought. Rich man's food is poor man's world order. Darwinism is the root cause of aeisthism and ungodly practices.If we write a novel on Charles Darwin , India is untouched.

Vegetarian food is the way to go for the world. The way is life and the truth to dignity. Dignity is brought into the world ,through health and fitness. We forget some of our philosophy in life, due to dignity. No life without job and girlfriend is a ,is a ,Pioneer Dogma in esteemed life. Our esteemed life is Non-vegetarian. The world is above our esteem and the hope is un-expected. For some people prosperity starts with non-vegetarian food.

-Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil

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