Is becoming vegetarian way to go for the world?

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“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a Vegetarian”

- Paul McCartney

“Hunters and Gatherers”, popularly known for their brutal killing of wildlife for their survival, date back to our primal humankind ancestry. Inferring upon this, we can say that our practice of slaughtering of animals had been passed through countless generations, making it uncommon and unworthy for the present, so-called ‘intelligent animals’, whether to question their intelligency or continue this “Non-Vegetarianism” tradition.

It is a known fact that vegetarianism was discovered way after Non vegetarianism had become a means for survival. Maybe this could be the reason for its popularity, making it still ubiquitous around the world. But vegetarianism also planted its roots when agricultural benefits reaped from trees and plants became the need of the hour. Both means of survival stand parallel, shoulder-to-shoulder, reflecting their own prominence for the existence of Homo sapiens.

But has a non vegetarian ever questioned, Why vegetarianism? Or vice versa. Numerous benefits can be counted upon being a vegetarian as well as, could have been said, if absence of brutal animal butchering would have caused us some sort of deprivation but this is de facto not the case. Several experts have delisted ways on totally possible human survival on plants. Then what attracts the animal-eaters? Is it really a need or just a want?

Vegetarianism complements legion benefits, be it physical, mental or spiritual. Ranging from better physical and mental health to enriched spiritual health, vegetarianism comes up with a variety of benefits:-

  • It reduces weight and levels BMIs

  • It can help in recovery from depression

  • It can boost one’s meditation

  • Longer life

  • Improved anxiety levels

  • Better health and much more

The recent pandemic has laid down a savage impact on the world. Had someone imagined that a miniscule organism could be responsible for the enormous killing of Lakhs of people. And it’s not just about the people being deceased, but about a much more being affected, and about a much more being quarantined, and about a much much more affected psychologically, even being inside their homes.

But how did this spread? A meat market of Wuhan, in southeast China, laid the first pillars of novel corona virus. People trading for animals had to pay a lot just to enjoy their one-time supper. It is totally clear that non vegetarianism is responsible for the current pandemic. So why these highly intelligent animals cannot eliminate this culture and save millions of life? It’s quite astonishing that the ones who elaborated, “A stitch in time saves nine” are themselves the victims of their ignorance, the epitome of inanity.

The general conclusion from all the chaos, this world has observed, is to shift to an alternate means of living i.e. Vegetarianism. Some measures are needed to be taken to resist from such pandemics. It can be spreading awareness among people about the benefits of the vegetarian culture. Maybe influence of elite class can score the goal. It is widely accepted that the acceptances of such people, slowly and gradually become the acceptances of lower classes.

The current hour demands the pre-eminent virtues of people who are cognizant for their honest hegemony and not for selfish greed. It is the moral duty of such humans to reflect the ‘non hunting and eating’ qualities. It is high time for all of us to stop slaughtering of animals and spreading deadly diseases, rather shifting to the ‘green side of the world’ because vegetarianism is surely and only a way to go for a healthy world.

-Ankush Gaba

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