Is becoming vegetarian way to go for the world?

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The world is grappling with COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone knows today that we are going through unprecedented times. This disease outbreak in December 2019. this COVID-19 outbreak from its epicenter Wuhan, China. The very first case was seen only here. And now, it has spread to 194 countries. Around 5 million fatalities and 3.5lacs cases had been said to be recovered from this. Today everyone fears contagion. Some of the viruses that hit in the 21st century are ebola, swine flu, bird flu (H5N1), COVID-19, HIV, etc. These viruses have marred our economy as well as normal life.

 Vegetarians can be described as one who doesn't eat meat due to moral, religious, or health matters. Vegetarian food includes green leafy vegetables, pulses, milk, salad, etc. As per research, a person consuming only vegetarian food is said to be least affected with any disease than non-vegetarian eaters. Health experts also found evidence on consuming red meat results in adverse effects on one’s health. The viruses which hit in the 21st century originated from animals.

Likewise, Corona originated from the animal bat when one person consumed it in Wuhan. Today this pandemic has become the biggest problem of the whole world. Millions of fatalities can be recorded across the globe.

Every time a pandemic has always a source of origination from the animals. Likewise, bird flu which originated from birds and humans too got affected by it. Similarly, Ebola and swine originated from pigs and bats. At that time also it affected normal lives and millions of fatalities were recorded.

According to the law in the food chain, the grass is consumed by trophic level1 animals. A small amount of energy is consumed by them. Further, when they are being eaten by trophic level2 animals or humans. There is considerable loss of energy and the eater receives only a fraction of it while eating whereas, in the case of vegetarian, the energy is transferred to humans when they consume the green leafy vegetables directly. There is a negligible amount of wastage of energy while consuming.

The vegetarian person stays healthy and away from chronic diseases like flu which spread from animals or birds. Divine has gifted us with precious fruits, vegetables, etc. More people opt for vegetarianism; no pandemic like situation would take place in the future. Moreover, less loss of fatalities and economic crisis would take place. The whole world would live a healthy happy and prosperous life. No more evidence is needed to prove that consumption of non- vegetarian diet is injurious to one’s health and invites illness for himself or herself as well as for society too. It would not be saying wrong from this very first moment that we all should opt for a vegetarian has proved to be the best for everyone. Last but not least I would like to say, not only humans, every organism has the right to live on the planet.

-Pallavi Seth

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