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Is being a Hindu more important than being an Indian? should we have to choose?

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India comprises of number of religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. It has a religious diversity but  Hinduism is one of the main religion of India . Yes, being a Hindu is more important than being an Indian because The word ‘Hindustan’itself reflect it as the nation of Hindus and not of any other religion. It is a nation of the people who belong to the Hindu community and that's why it is known as Hindustan. Hindu is one of the main religion of India with number of castes ,  class,  languages , traditions and customs. This religion has been widely spread in India and being followed by number of people. This religion is not only being followed by The people belong to Hindu community but also  being respected and followed by the people who belonged to another religion. It is the one of the highly respected religion of India then any other religion. India is formed out of Hindu religion. Without Hindus there would be no Hindustan.

The struggle done by Hindu community  in safeguarding their nation from the people of another nation for example Britishers who started controlling the people of Hindustan or India in a very brutal manner and conquered the territories of India, this  shows how important the Hindu religion is. Hindu religion not only safeguards their Hindustan from the other nation but also it fight for its nation with the other religions like Muslims who wanted to control India according to their own rules and regulations. Hindu is more important than being an Indian because Hindu community fight with the people of another community who tried to throw out Hindus from Hindustan. So Hindu religion is very important for the very  existence of the Hindustan.

Population also plays an important role in defining the citizens of a country. In India Hindu's are in a very huge population rather than any other religion in India. The population of all other religion in India is very less. After Christianity and Islam ,Hindu community is one of the biggest community of India. So population of Hindu community in India is one of the important factor in determining the real existence of India.

So being a Hindu is more important than being an Indian because Hindu as a religion automatically reflects that the person belongs to the  Hindu community is an Indian citizen. It helped in easily identifying the citizenship of a person or the nation he / she belongs to. It is the main source of India as a nation. The formation of Hindustan is only possible because of the Hindu community and the religion being followed by large number of people in India. This is one of the religion not only being followed by the people of India but also by the people of another nation.

Being an Indian is not more important than Hindu because India reflects diversity of religions. When we talk about India, it not only tell us about Hindu religion but also provide us the glance of another religions and communities living in India. It shows the diversity of religion and people who  speaks different languages and follow different traditions and customs. It showcase the diversity of culture being prevalent in India. So being an Indian is not so much important then being an Hindu because it did not identify the real community of the person and the religion he/she belongs to.

So ,Both Hindu religion and Indian citizenship  is important for any citizen of India whether he belonged to the class of Hindu or not .But in between Hindu and India , We should choose Hindu because it will automatically  reflect us as the native of India weather we are living in India or not , because Hindu religion belongs to Hindustan only. But if we choose our identity as in Indian then we  need to identify our religion to which we belong. So we don't have to choose India if we belong to Hindu religion as it is formed by Hindu religion only. But as we know , In India people belong to different community and caste lives  then it is necessary to identify the real religion of  the people living in India.

So, being a Hindu is more important than being an Indian because Hindu as a religion is the backbone of India . yes , we have to choose.  Hindu religion identify us as an Indian . It do not discriminate with the other religion but it shows the reality that Hindustan is a nation belongs to Hindus only .

-Kajal Bansal

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